What’s The Special K Treatment?

To “treat” means to “deal with” or to “bear oneself towards something,” and that it the purpose of this blog. This site reflects on the life experiences of a single professional woman. There are musings about the cultural and self-imposed expectations for “what life should look like” when you are around 30 years old, as well as insights about to find purpose and fulfillment.  I am working towards doing things that stretch me, K’s 101 in 1001 Days.   

Why didn’t anyone or organization tell us 10 years ago that our 20s would be so emotionally draining and confusing? Well, it’s time to stop feel victimized by the moratorium of graduate school, failed intimate relationships, and many professional acrobatics and step into the great beyond.

Let’s be clear up front: this is not an act of self-importance or a plea for attention. Expectations do not involve that this is a place that will receive many cyber footprints. It is not a manner in which I slowly chip away at some higher goal. It is not an attempt to obtain some end. (Although don’t get me wrong, I am a goal-junkie, and the catalyst for this endeavor came from beginning a Project Zero list of 101 experiences I desire to complete in the next 1001, or 2.75 years).

I am single. I am pushing 30. I am a psychologist. In need of treatment. Of the special K kind.

So why treatment? Because I want to be “happy and healthy” (more on those definitions later) but I don’t want to be hedonistic, apathetic or ignorant in the process of experiencing thost things. Because I want to find out where I belong, but I don’t want to sell out. I figured out by trial and error that my 20s would be an era of sloppy mistakes where I would feel stuck in neutral, or as if I was driving with the brakes on, or spinning in circles. But now I want to find out where I should “go” from here, but also be okay with where I “am”.

The root of the word “treatment” means administer and thus this is a creative process to administer some sort of …well, I don’t know yet.

So why Special K? Because Carbohydrates are required for this type of treatment. Because I am super-practical, and experts say that a balanced breakfast provides a foundation of fuel. Because some one I loved and was loved by long ago called me by this endearment and I believed fully that the name aptly captured my essence. Now not so sure, I ache for the fuel and nourishment or a “drug” of some sort worthy of recoup this name. But mainly it is about carbs: I use this logic to rationalize a cereal addiction, and this blog will surely include healthy recipes to ingest both literally and metaphorically.

So, here you’ll find analytical, pattern worshipping as well tributes to forgotten imaginations. exploration for balance Here I will reclaim that which I have always been, honor the who I am right now, here in the present, and hope for the becoming possible in the future. This is a place for re-cognizing, the return of my awareness, by reaching out to find something within.
So dig in…breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

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