My Cravings: Why I Eat and Drink

I think to many people, this question is mute. Yet more and more, I’ve come to believe that eating signifies something more. I believe in the constant search to nourish ourselves, to experience the feeling of contentment and fullness. I struggle with the beautifully horrific brevity of it. The fact that my hunger will return.   So I cook, because it provides me physical pleasure, the taste and the look of it. Yet I also cook because it is an act of social connection. Every one must eat, and although I’ve come to enjoy eating alone as much as with others, in “breaking bread, with others, I feel welcomed and known. If I don’t eat, I get VERY cranky! So my eating, in a way, is an act of charity for those people around me (happy belly = happy k!) And finally, I cook and eat because it is creative. I look forward to eating as a way to honor my unique aliveness in this very minute.  Why I Eat and Cook 1) for physcial pleasure and fuel 2) to connect with others 3) to be creative.

Onto the libations: My PhD came with an honorary wine education as I plucked away on my dissertation on purpose. I possess this infautation with wine tasting. An untameable and wild aspect of each vintage subsists, the elements of the earth burn themselves into the struggle of each grape in order to cultivate a palatable sips. Much of the effect is a product of chance, of grace and a little bit of chemistry thrown in. I can wax poetic about visiting wineries, talking in hurried and slurred tones with owners who have such vivid stories to share. I LOVE talking to the people hosting and facilitating sips at wine bars.  I truly take my time with wine, and I am NOT a patient person. It tastes different with each sip, and as it changes on you, you realize that you’ve changed as well. A bottle that I enjoyed with a friend over udon tofu soup does not taste the same by myself eating alfredo. And I am not particular, either, regarding the vintages. One day I’ll crave Malbecs, another Zins, and dare I say that maybe, I can come to enjoy a chardonnay (this weekend, a guy opened up 14 Hands Chardonay and it was SO Lovely!. Why I Drink Wine 1) it slows me down to feel grateful 2) it’s entertaining 3) its educational.

2 thoughts on “My Cravings: Why I Eat and Drink

  1. I think I cook well because if I don’t, I feel it in my bones. What a great concept! Cooking IS nourishment to me. There’s no better compliment than a dish all gone.

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