Vegan Pumpkin Ice Cream and Pumpkin Latte

Hot and Steamy TO-NITE!

YEP! It’s Time for TAST #61! Do Something with DRY ICE!



Just another fun chemistry experience that I, now an adult, get to run by mere trial and error.

Visiting my oldest pal, who was putting her 2 year old to bed, presented the best setting. She allowed me to experiment, WITH GAS, in her kitchen


Riesling...with dry ice?

…AFTER pouring a great glass of Mosel halftrocken Riseling.

Talk about faithfulness. and trust….

or naivety…


Anyway, all my blogger friends have paid tribute to pumpkin,

thus it was finally my turn.

And I had an audience, some one else, who would be tasting the results.

So, it couldn’t just be for fun. It had to be for pleasure as well…

Mixed up: 3 Cups of unsweetened almond milk, 1/3 C. Pure Raw Sugar, 2/3 C. canned pumpkin, dose of vanilla extract, thumbprints of cinnamon and cloves….and a few tablespoons of agave…

Then, out came the BLOCK of DRY ICE. After figuring out that a little blender wouldn’t budge this baby, I took it out back and with a mallet pounded the heck of it…then, placed it in the blender:

MISTAKE #1 (too cold for the blender) 

then poured about 1/4 of the pumpkin in over the blender.

and learned…the ice is so cold that it already bonded back into little blocks and the pumpkin mixed conglomerated together quickly.

But stir I did, and as I remembered from parties in my youth, the bubbles, the froth, the steam made it SO MUCH FUN….so I added more ice and hit “pulse”


Yep…if I hadn’t had my hand on the lid, it would have sailed to the moon.

After a spell I realized it would have been better to not use the blender at all and only add the mixture bit by bit.

homemade pumpkin latte

The steam however, felt so much fun

…I even added a glob into a mug that had some coffee in it, making a pumpkin late a la “rooter” froth-ness…

THIS ROCKED! A steamy, spicy moon rock.

I yelped, feeling like a kid in a smoking candy store, and called out. Yep DRY ICE demands a community people. The bubbles,  the steam, the little reaction.

Then I served up the piece de resistance…the dry ice pumpkin vegan whiskey pots.

At the bottom of the glass a little whiskey,

then the ice cream…

and walnuts and drizzle of agave and spices on top.


SOME serious autumn vegan grubbing!

I challenge you to make your own ice cream soon. This version, completely vegan, tasted like a gourmet dish to be served Top Chef style. Bubbly, yet spicy…autumn pop rocks dancing on the back of the tongue.


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