The Best Birthday Cake

Some people, when thinking about a loved one’s upcoming birthday, they
may freak out in an attempt to acquire some type of present that is:

1) functional, yet tasteful 2) reflective of the person’s identity 3) not overly fraudulent of the level of your commitment to one another 4) not so tempting that the person will nab it before you have the chance to double check its price on Amazon and/or 5) will be valued and appreciated for all the work and energy you put into finding it and, thus, giving the person a priceless level of pleasure that he/she/it wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t give themselves.

Me? I give a great cake debate. 

Yep. The boy didn’t want cake. Hell. He didn’t WANT anything (and not
because I am uber achieving at giving before a need is recognized, but
because it is part of his nature. Being content…oh so foreign concept
for this Special K). But I wanted cake. I HAD to give cake. And then I
realized that I wanted to give a cake worthy to ignite a tradition. When
I suggested what TYPE of cake, the response was, Betty Crocker, of
course. Yellow. With Chocolate Frosting.

Birthday Fun Debunked. I couldn’t give a BC cake and feel like I was
contributing anything of Special K value at all. But if Betty delivers,
then I wouldn’t want to rob the man of pleasure on his big day.
Thus, I would bake 2 cakes, and have a taste test. The winning recipe
would be THE recipe. And thus the Great Cake Debate.
In corner #1: Betty Crocker Yellow with Duncan Hines Chocolate Glaze.
In corner #2: Special K Cake with Sour Cream Chocolate Frosting.
A simple cake recipe that relies on cake flour and LARGE eggs (bigger yolks = more yellow) and buttermilk. Here are the basic ingredients:

about 250 grams of cake flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp baking soda and another 1/s tsp of salt (mix these together) cream 125 grams of butter with 1 cup of high quality sugar, and 1 tsp vanilla, plus 3 eggs that are room temp. Then add 1 cup buttermilk. Mix dry and wet together until lumpy. 

The sour cream frosting was based on melting a high quality dark chocolate mousse bar and once cooled, mixing in with room temp sour cream (about a cup) and a little bit of corn syrup. Myself, I enjoyed the tangy chocolate topping complimenting the tangy of the cake’s buttermilk…and the rich rich rich sharpness of the chocolate sour cream frosting (oh my! I ate the remaining frosting the next night with a spoon)

Special K Yellow Cake

But Betty’s fluffy-ness could not NOT be appreciated….and although “yours had more intense, pronounced flavor” Betty’s texture won out in the end. Although Special K frosting rocked it.

Can Betty Beat it?

So thus, the Betty K will be born next year. Her on bottom. Me on top.

I always fancied myself coming out on top.

(Have any great birthday pressures? Rituals? pleasures?)

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