Sweet Cilantro Pesto

Oh, my word, summer farmer’s markets had me at hello. Tonight, I plucked up some beautiful curly cilantro. Did you know that cilantro is part of the carrot clan? I can’t think of another herb tCIMG0483hat I can use in mexican, asian or middle eastern dishes. A friend swears it helps with hangovers as well, but I don’t really want to experiment with that combo…

Instead, I whipped up a green monster pesto, using my Magic Bullet, first went in 3 gloves of garlic and a couple of squirts from a lime, plus 1 packet of CIMG0484RAW sucanut (you can use sugar)…then half of the bunch with about 1/3 C of Water, blended that together until foamy, then added 2 TBLs miso (you can use soy…this is the salty portion) and hot red pepper powder (you can use flakes) and a dash of hot sauce (mine is from Whole Foods). Blend together, and STIR in (don’t blend!) 1 TBL of good olive oil.

The original thought was to use it as a pasta salad sauce with snow peas, but then I got the hankering for fruited couscous and eggs. So, into a baking dish went two egg whites, two eggs, chopped up green onion, a quarter of eggplant, 1 few teaspoons of parmesan and aCIMG0489fter blended, baked it up in a oven for 30 minutes. I served the pesto on top of the frittata, and topped the couscous (made with veggie broth and butter) with nuts (pumpkin and almonds) and fruits (plum and melon). Veggies on the side (diced tomato, snow peas, celery) with a dollap of hot sauce and homemade HUMMUS…IT ROCKED!


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