Pumpkin Curry, Peach Balsamic Dressing

Remember biting into summer fruit as a kiddo, caring a fig as the juices stream down your chin? As I try to eat more mindfully, I notice that the popping color of my meals comfort me. The backbone of orange, it’s bold resolve to be resilient, to stand out and ruin other colors (blue) or to vulnerably be softened by others (sienna), it is fierce this summer. Announces itself on the palate. Usually associated with autumn (think hard squash, my beloved veggie) it lays without fanfare come summer. Oh, I crave to be flamboyant!

Sauces are versatile, and you can use widely. For instance, I blended this sauce with split peas, but you can do it with lentils.

Pumpkin Curry (Serves 2) CIMG0417 Saute 1/4 Cup of sliced onions in a few teaspoons of oil, 5minced garlics, 2 tsp of curry (MADRAS!) and 1/4 tsp red pepper powder until translucent. You want it in a wide skillet. Turn down heat and stir in .5 Can of pumpkin and mix well. Add a few tablespoons of water and simmer for 10 minutes. When it is thickly boiling, take it off the heat, and stir in 1/3 C light coconut milk. Return to the now turned off burner, but let sit for 10 minutes.

Then use! Tonight, I blended it up with cooked split peas and topped it with some feta and basil. I LOVE this over cauliflower and coucous and peas as well.

On the side, MORE ORANGE:CIMG0416 papaya and peach salad with peace-balsamic vinagrette, candied walnuts and cabbage. Here’s my recipe

In a magic bullet (small processor) puree:

2 tsp GOOD olive oil, 2 tablespoons GOOD balsamic, 2 cloves of garlic, some fresh herbs, garlic salt and pepper and a touch of dry mustard…when it is pureed, add 2 fresh peace slices…

My WORD! Curry wins as my favorite ORANGE! Stimulating, its tumeric promising to calm and cleanse at the same time.

Besides circus peanuts, what’s your favorite orange food

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