K Cooks: Raw BB-Macadamia Nut “Pate”

I loaned out a book on RAW cuisine recently from the library, and have been trying out soaked nuts and making my own “milks” Months ago, a friend gifted me with a jar of Hawaiian Mac. Nuts from her vacay, and I used half of them to make a milk, adding it to soak some chia/rye/spelt/oat mixture.
I then blended the nuts up to make a nut spread….
But the book gave me the inspiration to try out a “pate” which is really a nut schmear.  I blended some soaked mac nuts in with a can of black beans, some coconut milk, a dash of red pepper CIMG0584powder, and two gaCIMG0588rlic cloves. Some Magic Bullet Action and BRAVO! This The “pate” is sweet and earthy. Served up right away in a wrap with cheddar cheese…
later, I used them to create Eggplant and Chayote Stackers: Layered with the schmear, goat cheese, basil and roasted at 425 for 30 minutes.

Globs of it are now adorning my salads…perfect with EDAMAME and SQUASH!

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