Frappacino Flapjacks

Frap Flapjacks! BEST dessert pancake EVER!

Frap Flapjacks! BEST dessert pancake EVER!

The GRAND idea flowed into my left hemisphere on my run Saturday morning, as I neared the end, a craving for an iced frap. (homemade of course!) consumed me. Thinking of Katie’s challenge, I wanted to make a light fluffy flapjack, coffee flavored, with a light mocha syrup, carob chips and cocoa chips.

First, I wanted to see if I could make angel food pancakes. Rich espresso replaced the water in the recipe. After realizing a skillet wouldn’t work, theCIMG0565-1 batter was poured in a jelly roll pan in hopes that it would fluff up and be airy enough to cut into ring-shaped jacks…It was looking promising…and then, poof, they fell into espresso flavored sponges: CIMG0570

Experimenting is FUN! Especially when you learn what you CAN’T do because of CHEMISTRY!

CIMG0568-1Plan B: Make a batter with marscapone cheese (like a cream cheese, you can substitute!), espresso, room temperature carob chips,vanilla extract, and a some coconut milk. I WAS SO in love with the light, airy batter, more like a cream, that I greedily sipped it! I put some aside for a topping, then add graham flouCIMG0567-1r and baking powder to it…

CIMG0571After some easy skillet action, the flapjacks were slathered in a spread made from greek yogurt, nutella, and espresso….

then, it wastopped off CIMG0575

with the syrup, and a

handful of cocoa nibs….

YUM-O! This light, airy dessert pancake will energize and fuel you through the morning…not to heavy, but sweet enough to feel like dessert!

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