Flourless Chocolate Torte Truffel: A Holiday Wow-er

I am a fan of the eyeball…um, let’s just say it’s because I am a forest kind of gal rather than tree lady. I prefer to know what neighboorhood or district I am wandering rather than look at street signs. Frustrating to others, but a salvation to me. Especially when it comes to baking, though, details make or break a concotion. So it’s important to me to retain the concept of what I am shooting for, but have something that is forgiving on the details, or make the measurements simple. The upshot? I don’t follow recipes well…at all…

Everybody loves chocolate at gatherings. And although I am not a choco-holic, what I create for these celebrations is not about self-pleasure. This is a NO fail dessert people! I deviated from the recipes I found and made my own, dissassembling to create tortes out of liquor glasses that belonged to my grandmother that I have never before unearthed. 

First, I ground up in the magic bullet 10 pieces of really good french truffles. It weighed about 2.4 ounces following this…

I whipped together:

1 stick of butter at room temp, with .75 Cup sucanut, or brown sugar… and then added the best kind of almond extract, a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg.

In the chocolate, I whipped for about 2 minutes 3 eggs…until they glistened….and then added this chocolate mixture to the butter sugar mixture…

Tasting, it wasn’t choco-nutty enough, so I added 2 packets of cocoa (didn’t have any powder on me!)…

Then, put it in the oven at somewhere around 325…and watched after 30 minutes…it was done…

The next day, I layered this torte with vanilla bourbon spiked whip cream and dusted it with cocoa powder…

A show stopper!

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