Eye-Ball Granola Bars

CIMG0493So…One thing I love about the blogging world involves being fueled with your creative juices…Love seeing your concotions, food combos, and projects. During a recent date night with baby B., I hankered to make homemade granola bars. My criteria: Not a lot of ingredients, but healthy and tasty, and small. CIMG0492

I really don’t like to follow recipes. And there’s something really rad about just eye-balling it, going with your inuition and seeing what comes out. Having a cute taste tester is always a plus!

Here’s the main part: Throw in a bowl up to 2 C. of Oats (I lOVE the thickest kind) and a little bit of flour (I didn’t measure, I just threw in probably less than .25 C Spelt Flour left over from a eyeball2previous experiment). Put in some baking powder, some spices, some salt. On top of this mix, glob in some nut butter (used almond butter) and some honey/agave (not a lot, just enough to give it sitckyness).  I added in then, bit flakes of coconut and carob chips, kneading it until it looked like a thick globe. It should be thick, cause you want them to dry up and stick together, resembling somCIMG0495ething like this

I had this fab-o notion for easy shaping to put them in my mini muffin pan. That would make them crispy and easy to transport. I crisped them in a 350 for 15…they should look a little crunchy. Immediately wanting them to set a bit, I put the whole pan in the freezer for 10. You can eat them warm, but they will crumble (which is yum-o thrown in yogurt).  

Super, de-yum-0!

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