Carrot Zuchinni Avocado “Pasta” Rose

The produce from the farmer’s markets here beckoned wantonly. I told myself that I’d make a dish with every veggie I picked up Saturday morning: Heirloom Tomatoes, Garlic, Carrot, Zuchinni. I had some leftover avocado and picked up some fresh ricotta…

First, the Rose Sauce: Serves 4 (I made a pizza the next day for lunch with the sauce)

Slice up tomatoes (a pound) or chop, drizzle with olive oil and broil under high heat for 10 minutes. WATCH them!

Into the Magic Bullet, the tomaters and 1/3 Cup ricotta, fresh garlic,  quarter of a cup of red wine. Whirl around until pureed.

So Sweet!

So Sweet!

The “pasta” consisted of carrots and zuchinni, topped with avocado slices, pine nuts and parmesan. Raw PastaI know some people eat them raw, but I steamed them in olive oil for less than 5 minutes…and drizzled porcini rock salt and grapeseed oil on the mixture, on the side. From the market as well: fresh, whole wheat baugette (is there anything more divine than slurping up Rose sauce with fresh bread?)…

And a few Hummus potstickers to nosh on!

What is your favorite pasta sauce? If I had vodka, I’d probably use that instead of the red wine….but Maryhill had to do!

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