Brownie Biscotti!

I like to cook when I am dissappointed, and that’s how these babies came about. I was looking forwarBrownie Batter Logd to visiting a friend and her new baby boy this weekend and a tragedy came up and the trip was cancelled. I was daydreaming about cooking with her and her hubby and baking while playing with the little one…


Instead, I went home and faced a bag ready to be packed…and an empty schedule. Feeling a little lost and anxious (changes in plans always do that to me…make me feel a wee bit inscure) I cleaned my microwave…and then decided to make biscotti.

But I didn’t have the energy to measure the spelt flour or guck out the agave. So I used half a box of premade dark chocolate fudge brownie mix. (I know! Not OrganiC! Loads of Ingredients!) and at first, said…don’t post this up…and then thought, whatever! This is real life folks, and although I am a bit ashamed to say I sometimes bake with the boxed stuff…I do. AND THESE WERE DELICIOUS, easy and healing. Hit the Sad Spot! (4 out of 5 women crave chocolate food when down)…

BrownieB2Seriously…took half the box of mix, half a cup of multigrain thick oats, one egg and blended in….IT IS INITALLY VERY STICKY!

30 minutes at 350….then 30 minutes more at 200….then take out, chop up and turn off the oven and leave them in there for an hour or until crispy….

Can’t go wrong!

Best Served with Maya Spice Tea!

Best Served with Maya Spice Tea!

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