Black Bean Quinoa Bake

Being single, I usually don’t fuss around much with meat. Here is a great weekday dinner that I always pull out when I don’t have time to make something big and I need 30 minutes to shower/bathe/letthewinebreathe before enjoying. Seriously, the recipe is from the top of my head: Serves 2 (I eat 2/3rds of it for dinner and put the rest in a highprotein wrap for lunch the next day…

Black Bean Quinoa Bake

 Preheat oven to 375

Saute the following together In a couple of tablespoons white wine until veggies are translucent, maybe 5 minutes Chopped onion, maybe 1/4 of it A bell pepper 2 minced garlic cloves 1/2 Cup corn

In sprayed baking dish, place half a bag of spinach on the bottom Pour in 1/2 Cup black Quinoa 1/2 CAN of black beans (maybe 1 Cup?) 1 Cup veggie broth Add in saute veggies…

Cook for 30 minutes… Serve with dollap of yogurt and salsa (pico is excellent) and I chop in cilantro for a bite… PLUS hot sauce (of course!)

On days where I can plan ahead, I actually use fresh beans, soaked during the day…black eyed peas are great too

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