Gimme Your STUFF!


I am a 31 year old! single! American! Travel-Addicted! Cardio-holic! Wine-lover! Woman living in Germany!  And I LOVE potlucks, thrift stores, swapping items with my friends and vintage items. One of my favorite website is ETSY where people sell handmade items. Sharing remains an ultimate lifeline. Gimme Your Stuff is an online international sharing sensation, where you commit to “swapping” items with a friend around the world. It serves at a way of connection, hallmarking the best of our global community…

So! Please SHARE with me!
What i can give:

Foodie Items: Tea, European Chocolate and Candies, Hairbo Candies, Fun Snacks, Gnocchi and Knodle Dough

handmade stuff, stationary

Magazines(in both German and English-American)
Postcards (from all around Europe!)  and Pictures

Some things I would LOVE
(I like old things with character rather than modern stuff)
fabrics, buttons..
local snacks, food or drinks
Small bowls, chopsticks or coffee cups
Anything with an OWL on it!
If you live in the states, stuff from WHOLE FOODS or Trader Joes! I LOVE THEM!
Please no body products, thanks!

I NEED Postcards from the following states:  VA, WV,  NC, OK

Just comment below and email me to start the swap!


In August, Kate sent me a goodie bag of some of her muffins (lesson learned: no food products without preservatives across the pond…so sad! But I wrote to her that their death must have meant they had a good life. Food that doesn’t die isn’t food)

the new flavors of Lara Bars…and OH! CHAI TEA!

I would say I can’t wait for that tea, but being the delaying gratifier that I am…of course I will wait for the “tea season” which could mean next week if it is rainy again. I LOVE afternoon tea or coffee around 3pm.

YIPPEE!!! I Got the package right when I was feeling very harried and just yucky. That is the magic of SHARING!

The package I sent off to Kate had this caramel I bought in Paris

it was almost 2 EURO (or $3.25) and I am just DYING to know how it tastes.

The caramel is from a Mere de Famille,  in Rue Cler market in Paris. The woman in the shop OWNED the place and could not have been more kind, giving up nibbles and trying to communicate in the best Fren-glish possible.

Also in the package was German Knodel kit…knodel is a potato dough that is rolled into big balls and serves with meat and gravy.  I hope Kate can turn it into a breakfast of champions!

And of course, little earrings I nabbed up from the market in Paris….

Past Gimmie your stuff exchanges!:

Protein POWER!

LOOK At my Latest! (August!) Super DE DUPER! On a thursday at work, feeling low low low, the little package came hallmarking PROTEIN LUNA BARS, a CUTE little house card (LOOOOOVE-LY!) and peachy gummies….The package came from Suki at….it was exactly the mood shifter of the day. I nabbed one bar to munch on while polishing off a report, and another into my weekend bag for the train ride to PARIS….I sent Suki some German gummies, croissants, chocolate and some cutesy french cards…Oh, HOW I LOVE exchanges!

Here are the first Swap Recap! July, 2010

Gimmie Package to Melinda!

So….let’s keep Gimmie-Your-Stuff-ing! Email me and we can swap!

Melinda, from Nutrition Food and Travel SWAPPED with me. I received some curry powder from a spice market in Morocco…and sent her some traditional Hairbo candies and coffee, and CHOCOLATE

Foreign Exchange Time

My first GIMMIE YOUR STUFF BUDDY! Molly, from Oh! The Places You’ll Go (Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss???) decided to share with me… so off I sent: a package with  Some Chocolate from Belgium, Cute earrings from France and a cutesy owl card…Check out these little pretty things…. and then, I WAS SO HONORED! To get a little package from her a few weeks later!  Check it out!

Look at this cute Japanese Cat with a raised paw….it’s Maneki Neko. The symbolism behind this little guy truly reflects a common practice for homes to feel that this image brings the owner good luck. Next time you step into an Asian restaurant, take a look for a guy like this one., Maneki Neko.  The cat isn’t waving, he’s beckoning (come here, fortune!). She also gifted me with pretty kickin chopsticks, that I immediately put to use with a shredded carrot sirachi side.

I must say that I do believe that adults DON’T share well at all. Now, there’s always the need to share “where’d you get that purse?” but for some reason, we hold back the most vital and precious aspects of our lives, ourselves. I must admit that a LOT of the times I read blog in order to “steal” other people’s inspiration, and that I blog in order to feel like some one is out there listening, and perhaps can see me. I share and that makes me real…and receiving part of Molly’s world, well, that makes me real as well.

So….let’s keep Gimmie-Your-Stuff-ing! Email me and we can swap!

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  4. I have some curry for you, will send sometime this week. I would like anything vegetarian, foodie related, from where ever you can. Next time I head to the states, although it will be awhile, I’ll get you some TJ’s goods since we know all I do is shop there when I am at home.

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