30 in 30! A Special K Re-List

What do I WANT? I’ve been speaking at many events these past few months and a common theme has been surfacing. This theory that people are naturally driven towards three things: sustenance, connection and growth. And its not just how we perceive the life around us. it is about knowing that these things are critical for our health and actively pursuing them. Sometimes, pursuing AUTHENTIC sustenance, connection and growth absolutely is uncomfortable. It takes sacrifice, energy, endurance. But more than anything, it first requires articulation. WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Happiness sprouts up from our actions.

Guess who is spending another 30 months living abroad in central Europe? Yep! It’s Special K. I have 30 months, beginning in March 2012 and ending in September 2014 to complete LIFE SHAPING Tasks. Activities or experiences that FULFILL and CHALLENGE and STRETCH me. Things that are meant to bring me a sense of ALIVENESS.

Sustenance, Connection, Growth.

1) Roll Dice in Monte Carlo (winning is a bonus!)

2) Stomp on grapes during harvest (or at least try and WATCH it, if it still happens around here!) —-how about just PICKING them?

3) Walk over 100K of Saint James Way, Santiago De Compostuela and become a bona fide pilgrim

4) Skinny Dip in the Ocean/Sunbathe Topless (oh la la!)

5) Shuck Oysters or Harvest my own Mussels/Clams

6) Bet on a horse (winning is a bonus!)

7) Attend Carnival

8) Backpack camping (and pack it myself!)

9) Hike something big (a 14-er? A volcano?) MT KILIMINJARO!

10) Run a Half Marathon in under 2 Hours (completed in April, 2012, 1:45!)

11) Buy my own wine barrel

12) Go Scotch Tasting….in Scotland

13) Take Surfing Lessons

14) Take a Spanish Course and Converse Freely

15)  Brew my own Batch of Beer

16) Attend a Jazz Festival or visit an official Jazz Bar

17) Sail? Or at least be a passenger on a boat of some sort

18) Take a cooking course in either Spain, France or Italy (or, all three!) (June, 2012)

19) Run with the bulls. In Spain.

20) Truffle Hunt. Or hunt in general

21) See an Opera in Vienna (March 2012)

22) Complete 500K in Volksmarches

23) Rock Climb OUTSIDE

24) Complete a top chef like challenge

25) Stay overnight in a monastery/ashram, visit a place with holy people and participate in a sacred ritual

26) Winter Sports something Amazing (Vallee Blanche?)

27) Donate something big (PLATLETS, Three times in 2012)

THESE WILL BE FILLED IN LATER. TASKS for the K-yet-to-be and make room for the desires that I cannot name yet. Believe me, they are marinating somewhere




These aren’t really to REPLACE my 101 list, which I did NOT complete in 1001 days. Why didn’t I complete them? Obviously? Somehow, they drifted away from me, and the task of panhandling $5 or sneaking into a convention spoke to me, but not as loud as other recent distractions, like learning about honey bees in croatia or being breathless by the colors of a bull fight.

How do you feel ALIVE?  Where is your sustenance, connection, growth?

11 thoughts on “30 in 30! A Special K Re-List

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  2. oh my goodness…all of those things sound amazing. i think it’s so cool that you are living in europe, too. i would love to have that chance to dive into a different culture.

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