The High Fives of Sophia, Bulgaria

Me pursuing the selection at "Rosehip" an organic beauty store in Sophia

Me pursuing the selection at “Rosehip” an organic beauty store in Sophia

Something has happened: I quit being a perfectionist. I didn’t attend any support meeting or come to an epiphany, it just happened somewhere along the lines in the last few months or so. A few weeks ago on the radio, I talked about the difference between “giving up” and “letting go.” When my partner accused me of being a perfectionist, I am to my defense: my lack of hair upkeep (immediate proof visible in the studio), my cooking philosophy (i’ve learned that if I am cooking for 8 or more, shoot for excellence in 2 out of 3/4 courses) and this blog….

On Chairlift up to the hiking starting point

On Chairlift up to the hiking starting point

Iam behind…again (for about a month!). But traveling, my lovely job and social life and physical escapades take priority right now. Posting here will mainly comprise of traveling adventures…and Over a month ago, a friend and I enjoyed a long weekend in Sophia, Bulgaria.

High five of sofia, Bulgaria

1) My friend and I spent the day in the Rila, walking  around its pearls: The Seven Rila Lakes. We had an AWESOME guide (Orlin from who just was kickin. One of my favorite moments was traversing across a snow field…We walked by each lake, named after its most characteristic feature. The highest one (at 2500m/8200ft above sea level) is called Salzata (“The Tear”), from where we have a bird’s eye view over all seven lakes, as well as surrounding outcrops and deep valleys. Superb day out

2) The two hours spent perusing in SHIPKA. This organic beauty product store is a lesson in chemistry for the skin. I love feeding my face, and even more so, understanding how what I consume impacts me at both a CELLULAR level and SOCIAL one as well. The store is a converted butchery. What was amazing is that we spent more than hour with the woman there, who often called the owner

My Creation

My Creation

Kalina Petrova) who advised us on which oils to mix and clays to package separately. I’ve used my yellow clay mix with a tablespoon of oatmeal and a tablespoon of rice flou r and few drops of my oils for a scrub a few times now. LOVE this concept (23 Professor Asen Zlatarov; 359-88-952-2022;

3) Shopping at the ladies market and picking up some cute pottery…really, the people made the best impression ever. There was this old grandmother who loved my curiosity so much she reached out and stroked my cheek…it dang near brought me to tears. And a man selling dried mushrooms that clearly adored fungi and supported my culinary creativity. Bulgarians are WELCOMING!

$5 find

$5 find

4) So we visited a lot of cool cafes. We loved a small cafe called  +Tova…this inside is spectacular and impressive. (obviously someone knows his/her interior architecture and design stuff) and it was in a nontouristy area:  Marin Drinov 30. We were blown away by a meal at Tavite. This means “the baking dish” and the food tasted homey, and the setting felt rustic, and welcoming. The staff were VERY attentive. The food was the best of the trip. 58 Gladstone Str.

5) Bouldering up (um….maybe we lost the trail?) to Boyana Waterall.

IMG_2315The Boyana Waterfall is considered the most beautiful and largest waterfall in Vitosha Mountain. about a 2.5 upward hike…that somehow found us bouldering and screeing up the little creek bed. My friend had on flip flops and I a pair of well worn beloved Asics (plus carrying a bag FULL of pottery)


We bothed LOVED being outdoors, and walking the neighboorhoods of Sophia, the free walking tour, the awesome shops and cafes…and the summer sun. Perfect weekend getaway


2 thoughts on “The High Fives of Sophia, Bulgaria

  1. REALLY love all your pictures. I lost you for a while, found you again, and so glad I did. Have a great day K!

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