The High Fives of Crete

I am born in April. And this week, a friend dropped off a birthday present for me. Isn’t that psychologically sound? 10 weeks following the celebration of my becoming, this friend timed a gift to remind me to CONTINUE celebrating. The most thoughtful aspect was that she picked up a journal for me because that week on the radio I was talking about how I’d lost my habit of journaling…

Where was I 10 weeks ago? Crete….and I’ve kept some of the highlights savored to myself over the past weeks. They blossomed in the reservation, these memories, and formed this tiny sun that now demands sharing.

Top 5, in pictures. They capture moments, these lights of my life, these loves of my life, that can never be reproduced. A small holiday, befitting of birthday honor.


#1 Wine Tasting at Milakaris winery. I felt estranged that my bottle of red did not make it home…


Old Town Rethymo stay. The Lovely, Superbly historical and beautiful Palazzo Di Cornia felt amazing, and the shopping (find the pottery store) food (I loved my traditional rabbit) and people impressed.
This is a picture of me on a hike we did before checking in…love the nearby area.


Alcanea Boutique Hotel. Loved the patio, appreciated the people, the frappe tasted divine, and the view was spectacular!


#4Three lovely, long hikes, all different, enlivened me. Loved them all, each for their different natures. The best, perhaps!, was down Agia Irini gorge, and then a road hike to Sougia, to sit on the beach



#5 A morning stroll in Chania’s pier. I love capturing the day’s baby sun. As if the blood is waking, and my heart, more willing, the love more capable, and our connections more discernable.



One thought on “The High Fives of Crete

  1. That’s a wonderful reminder! 🙂 Love the picture of you hanging in the bell tower. I’ve been to Crete many many years ago with my parents (I was 13 or 14) and I enjoyed it a lot. We did a lot of hiking and visiting ruin sites and went to many places all over the island.

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