High Fives of HOME!

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I’ve been traveling to the states for THREE WEEKS! Thus…the quietness, the lack of checking in, and really NO desire to post here given other creative new ventures (a new professional website is coming in July!)

While in the states: I achieved expert certification in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology, ate at Poppy in Seattle, ran and walked the Boulder Boulder, enjoyed two birthday celebrations with my BFs, volunteered at Same Cafe in Denver, bought a ton of great clothes REI, spent a fortune on products at Whole Foods (Detox here I come! starting June 18, I’ll go gluten and dairy free for a month!) and went several cool hikes and long runs (considering a half marathon in early October)…

Here are my high Fives (or favorite times)

1) A Celebratory dinner for becoming an “expert” at Poppy, in Seattle

2) Hiking up “the incline” with my BF…plus the Barr trail tagged on hike…and then dinner that night in Boulder, at The Boulder Tea House

3) Running (49 minutes!) and walking The Boulder Boulder

4) A certain patio dinner in AZ…plus some pottery I scored in MEXICO!

5) A 13 hike on the Colorado Trail TIED with a 7 mile trail run up Mendoza Canyon in AZ

I also enjoyed lunches (Watercourse! a super great place in AZ I can’t remember the name of, and a brewery in CO Springs)

dinners (Lola, Olives, Udis, Root Down) with my friends and family, a movie and popcorn with my aunt, taking 6 different spin classes and 2 circuit training classes, listening to KBCO, and just chillin out with my IPAD….

I DO feel like I had quite a break from it all

So…you won’t see me here that often. I haven’t even posted my high fives from London, Crete, Verona/Valpiocella….I might try, I might not. No promises…But I will announce my professional site soon.

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