Preoccupation soaks up a large part of my professional life. I’ve had to hone my skills at analyzing when a preference “crosses the line,” or serves a pleasing, but passing, purpose.

That goes to say that it’s not like I’ve been MORE busy than my typical hyperactive self. I’ve just found writing here NONPREFERENITAL and other tasks, intererests, goals, endeavors, much more rewarding. This is my 395 post, after all! It’s somewhat like when viewing the 6th season of a series you o


photonce cherished and the character’s sister is abducted by alien clowns, and their leader falls in love with the best friend. You know, the one that had a brain stroke in season three?

Yep….a little “over it”

What I currently prefer OVER blogging:

Bi weekly radio spots. Something new professionally, and perhaps a podcast business is on the horizon (I am MOTIVATED!)



Traveling a Ghent, Belgium (and speaking of beer…I am brewing my first batch as we speak!

Learning to cross country ski

Following the tournament of books (and I think I swallowed down about half of them this winter) I love the commentaries so much! (particularly when I had also consumed both books and could relate to their criticism).  A friend and I plan to recommend monthly books to each other and we’ll have a tournament of our own. My favorite by far for now (I’ve got two more to go) has been THE ROUND HOUSE, and a great runner up is Where’d you Go Bernadette (easy, fun read for a change!)

Watching Parks and Recreation, Argo, and The Girls.

Trying different Nike Training Club Circuits

K Cooks: Coconut Milk, Vanilla Braised Pears with Ricotta, Protein Flax Pancakes, and Amazing Grass Coconut Quinoa (cooked quinoa in coconut water, added amazing grass at the end—served with nuts and fresh tuna. Superb!)

I am sure you’ve got more preferential tasks that to read this post…tell me what’s preoccupied you?

One thought on “PreOccupation

  1. Moving right now – lots of packing and painting! – and spending time with my husband. Reading and watching “Game of Thrones”. 😀 Piano as always. Cooking for two. 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying real life!

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