Pole Vaulting

So maybe I skipped watching any part of the olympics. I shy away from your reproach because I have some good excuses:

1) I don’t own a TV

2) Recently, I’ve done enough hurdling in my own life that I am a bit dizzy to watch any body else sweating

3) I might have a fear/fascination with men in tiny speedos

4) I was traveling in Italy hiking the famous Dolomities

Yep! That’s right! For the first time EVER I backpacked up a big mountain, stayed overnight in a Refugio (or mountain “hut”) and used/relied on/tripped over only once hiking poles.

Hiking in Dolomites felt invigorating, challenging, inspiring and hopeful.  I loved hiking up to the height of the “hills” and staying overnight.  There is nothing quite like eating and sleeping on top of the world, which is why, I suppose this region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Imagine chugging up these peaks and then staying in a TINY hut ran by a family that sleeps 12 in bunk beds in a bunk above you and us (6 in total) on the converted tables. Imagine rustic, homemade food to nourish body and spirit. Imagine finding WWI tunnels and exploring paths and caves.  And imagine telling and hearing a life story over the course of three days and nights. At my age, the blessing was apparent, living the following quote

I think the best way to know God, is to love many things.

Glaciers and erosion from millions of years slowly crafted some of the most gorgeous views I’ve encountered.

Yes, this was perhaps the best hiking I’ve done in my entire life. It is my gold medal, thus far.

So forgive me, London, for missing out on some amazing feats and crazy drama.   I’ll make up for it with some more pole vaulting of my own.


2 thoughts on “Pole Vaulting

  1. Amazing! What a great experience! I am so glad you enjoyed it and had some great hiking. Looks beautiful. Well, I am headed to Australia soon. All packed and ready to go. Hoping to have some more amazing experiences of my own.

  2. I fear the Speedos too…honestly. They just terrify me. I didn’t watch much of the Olympics but it was mostly because I was so tired after work. I’m glad that your reason is far more exciting!

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