V Days….

Another reason to love spain

I am spending a lot of the next 21 days trying something new. It will take some awareness, energy, and time on living a vegan diet with no processed foods or white flours or white sugars. Why? Honestly, the best and closest answer is because I am BORED with my current diet. I find myself during the work week steeped in acts of mindless eating that I don’t particularly enjoy. I snack on a lot of food I don’t purchase for myself: basically junk food. Handfuls of chips here, lots of nutella there, little pieces of chocolate all over the place, and these nibbles add up…leaving me more sugary crazed and hyper.

Why vegan? for a few “reasons” which are 1) I want to see how my body responds to no dairy or animal products, particularly the drop in protein and its impact on my cognitive processing 2) I recently learned through a freakanomics podcast that eating vegan (no dairy or red meat) once a week reduces your carbon footprint MORE than eating a 100% local food diet. Eating meat AND dairy is responsible for a fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions. That’s more than transportation effects our climate! 3) I want to be able to have a reason to say NO to nutella. and lately, one of the best parts of my day (besides the sweat after a run) is eating frozen quark in bed….and I think it is high time I find a better alternative to late night dairy delights.

The night before I started this new venture happened to be in Spain and I, of course, binged a bit on tapas, white bread, and OH MY SO DELISH, cured beef cecina…that was out of this world tasty in spanish olive oil. And yes….I was making fun of myself starting what is a little experiment in a fad diet (next up CLEANSING and another bout of NO CAFFEINE or ALCOHOL, which just seems a little TOO far beyond my sanity bubble at this point).

Some things I know that I miss:

Yogurt and QUARK

Afternoon stress Chocolate

Vitamix homemade rice milk!

Pretzels and Nutella from my co-workers stash

Snacking on what ever the guy is eating


Cheese with my Wine

Some things I look forward to

New Vitamix creations: (Day #1 I made Rice Milk)

Soy yogurt??? Coconut Milk ice cream?

The challenge and awareness

A smoothie most days

Now, this isn’t about a fad diet, but it IS about bringing more intentionality into what I find that nourishes me, and a sense of  re-connection to  my eating habits and choices. I have felt more  energized this summer, learning how to rock climb, marathon hiking, and running 10 miles a few times a week. I guess there is a desire for some sort of challenge in my physical life right now.  A lot of well said friends have cautioned against “going too far” with any diet of any sort, or the raionalization game that “this is the best way.” I hold their concern and my aliveness with tenderness. The diet itself isn’t a religion or a  sense of “should ” for me, it is a desire, a want, to continue to grow and experiment and think and interact with community.

And perhaps make coconut butter, avocado oil and vegan nutella in the process.

Any thoughts on the vegan lifestyle?


2 thoughts on “V Days….

  1. Good luck with your diet changes! Sounds like you have a little experiment going on. 🙂 I’ll be curious to figure out what you discover and your observations of your own body after cutting out all animal products.

  2. So my sisters and my mom are transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. I started to incorporate one day a week in there for now. I think it’s a great thing. I try to limit the amount of sugar, flour, and processed foods I consume and definitely notice a difference in my energy levels (and mood) when I have too much. Good for you!!

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