K Travels….the High 5 of USA

I spent 10 days in the USA a few weeks back presenting at a conference and then visiting friends and family in Colorado. Ten days of sunshine, people. Of shopping, eating fro yo, jogging, hiking near the ocean and then hiking in the mountains, meeting new friends, quality time with old friends, sleeping in my aunt’s lovely bed, a pedicure…all requiring my new pink sunglasses.

1) running then walking the boulder boulder (sorry! the camera malfunctioned!)
Despite four consecutive nights of less than 5 hour of sleep and a bourgening chest infection, I rose at 4 in the morning to take a park n ride up to Boulder, joining 50k in this fun 10k race. Sea level is for sissies indeed…and despite feeling super strong the previous week, I trodged through each mile—feeling grateful that it was NOT  a half marathon. My Shoes felt incredibly heavy and lungs cloudy. After 52 Minutes and sucking down free dark cocoa almond milk I joined my aunt and walked the 10 k with her. This time I kissed college student for a Canadian beer, caught marshmallows, and did the a muddy slip n slide. Watching the memorial tribute, tears expressed how proud I felt to be American and have this internal sense of freedom. Superb experience.

2) shopping at trader joes and whole foods. So, yes, I scored some lovely eats and had lovely tastes. First up, I loved this coconut almond milk mixed in with Icelandic rjoma-skyr (sigi’s) and fresh raspberries and granola each morning. I bought a strawberry beer BBQ sauce. I picked up hemp seeds. A global girlfriend bracelet, terra whey protein powder. Barbara’s chocolate and peanut butter puffins. And also mixed spelt rye and barley oats
Fun for me indeed! (What fun finds have you scored lately?)

glacier gorge

3) hiking glacier gorge in Estes park. Hailed as one of the top hikes in the USA, this path lived up to the accolade. the company I had—some of my two oldest friends and my brother—made the whole experience superb.
I love hiking even more since moving away from the Rockies and have a hankering to do more technical climbs in the future

See my new pants?

4) shopping…i scored a small battalion of new active wear ——falling a bit for gap body line. After being home a week I’ve noticed wearing each selection a few times. I also scored lovely cool quick dry hiking capris that feel so comfy I didnt even notice them on a recent 42k volksmarch.

5) time with friends. There was a lovely reunion with my favorite seminary family over Belgium beer, fries and lots of laughter and caching up…. I LOVED the Cheeky Monk in Denver….

A taster of 4 beers

Wonderful tapas at the 9th Door and wine with my lovely sweet friend. And tons of good laughs and experiences with a woman who has grown into my sister these past 18 years….including a fun night away up in Boulder.

Colorado cheese plate

Why don’t I have more pics? I DO! They are filled with personal touches that are precious to me rather than public ones….but truly, I felt home…and yet also very bent on getting back to my routine and life out here in Germany. I am at a place right now where I love where I live, and live where I love….

What do you love recently?


2 thoughts on “K Travels….the High 5 of USA

  1. sounds like a wonderful trip! i’m going to colorado in july (fort collins//loveland area).
    any places i should definitely visit?
    p.s. you left a comment on my blog asking about OAS…what were you referring to? 🙂

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