A New Sheriff In Town….K Cooks/Binges on the Vita-Mix

I now am sharing my living quarters, and yes, this fella comes with HORSEPOWER and energy to burn.  Let me tell you, this Special K knows a sound investment when she sees one, and sure, spending a LOT OF CLAMS, on a “blender” may seem outrageous to some.   Yet when I amounted this new lover to a pleasure inducing, soul singing, toes a tapping AUTHORITY of whole food living, you better believe I got on the bandwagon with gusto.

What’s a Vitamix, the new kids may inquire.  To say “a blender” is like saying Marilyn Monroe is “cute.” It’s a smoothie bar, a soup machine, a fro-yo creator, a vegetable chopper, PEANUT BUTTER perfector, FLOUR MILL, and did I mention it is the now the 3 horsepower Sheriff of the Countertop.  It’s incredible. And it will change my life.

And in the meantime make Special K a very happy K.

What sold me on this powerful good guy? I researched HUNDREDS of hours, interviewed on THREE different occasions my CHERISHED friend who has one (I mean, she basically made her own baby food for 2 years), and then crunched numbers about the longeivty, the use, and the ease of cleaning it.  So it wasn’t THAT surprising that on my first day of cohabitation, I binged a BUNCH and spun out 4 creations….

The first creation was W’s “Classic” Smoothie. Think Bananas, fresh yogurt, blueberries, wheat germ, flax seed and a hint of milk and honey. I am going to make ice cream SOON (you just take a frozen banana and whip it into ice cream) Yep. That simple. and for as much as I complicate things, I like the simple.

Among the million great features, here’s my three main reasons for loving my Vitamix.

1.  Homemade NUT butter. Nough Said. This one was spiked with peanuts, cinnamon and raisins. I think I had a LEAST a third of the batch on Day 1.

2. I want to make rice and grain flours. So, I soaked oat groats (1/4 cup) in cinnamon water and then pureed it into a paste. Adding one cup of oats, a few globs of PB (I stopped measuring the peanut butter, it was THAT good) an egg white, a small packet of splenda (yep, one!) 1/4 cup of raisins, and 1/4 cup of wheat germ, and 1/4 tsp baking powder…then blended up into oatmeal squares. Super toasty and crumbly light, almost tasting like they were laced with brown sugar.

2. The blades turn so fast that you can add raw ingredients and the liquid will eventually heat. Think Coconut Sweet Potato… which called for  homemade coconut milk. Basically 1/3 cup of coconut to 1.25 cup of water. Soaked 30 minutes, then pureed on high. I added in garlic, a few slices of orange and an onion, chicken broth, powdered ginger and curry powder. Again, blended on high for about 5 minutes. Then chopped up a sweet potato and blended about 7 minutes until frothy. The soup was NOT chunky at all and came out super light, yet flavorful. So aromatic I know that I am going to poach vegetables and white fish in it.

This baby has a 7 Year Warranty. I am sure it will get me through the various itches and tedious bouts of boredom common among all long term relationships.

This Sheriff is It’s guaranteed to perform like new for 7 full years, and if it doesn’t they’ll repair or replace it for free. Now that’s a relationship I CAN LIVE WITH!


3 thoughts on “A New Sheriff In Town….K Cooks/Binges on the Vita-Mix

  1. Sometimes I wonder if I should stop buying Magic Bullet after Magic Bullet and actually get something of a better quality. But the sheer size intimidates me!

    Looks like you are making good use of it my friend. The smoothie looks delicious.

    Have a great Sunday!

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