We love to see you SMILE

What makes you smile????

For  THIS Special K: 

A cup of French Press Coffee

A 10K run or a 20K Volksmarch

A piece of kuchen, a beer and my favorite OWL Euro purse with me on a 20K Volksmarch

A glass of Rioja

Hearing the birds chirp in the morning right after I wake up and before I get out of bed

Cooking something new, and it WORKS out to be DELICIOUS

Making someone smile

Getting a PACKAGE!

This week, I’ve been OVERWHELMED with the size and FEELING of my “in-box.” Usually bounded with energy, I am go go go and I like tackling a large task list. I initiate MORE tasks for myself and gladly seek more responsibilities because (confession!) I think I am a WORKS addict. Meaning, I like DOING things and FEELING productive.

But I also like “down time” (usually nights at home) to recharge and reflect and recenter.

But this week, although I have been immensely productive (finish that educational handout on bullying? CHECK, plan the cookie tug of war at work? CHECK? Prepare gourmet packed dinners for 21 members of the ski group—giving them THREE options and TWO cupcake options—-CHECK) I have had TOO much to do and have NOT recovered well. (maybe it’s because in these next three weekends leading up to my birthday I am traveling and the social calendar, by my own design, keeps expanding)

Sure, I’ve jogged and whined, and went to bed early and got to the office by 6:15, and did with a smile. Boy did I smile. And people smiled back at me.  The security guards, the postmen, the patients and the gym rats. Today, someone said “we love to see you, Dr. We love to see your smile.”

Which is ironic because I felt so overstimulated I just wanted EVERY ONE TO GO AWAY!

But research shows that people who frequently smile are perceived to be more in control, at ease and attractive than those who don’t (even if we’re faking it). It actually produces the happy feelings because it cues others to SMILE at you. And that FEELS good.  I learned this waitressing at Chili’s for 7 years: smile more, and you  receive larger tips and repeat business.

But I didn’t want MORE tips or MORE business. I wanted de-stimulation! I needed solitude. I craved dis-connection!

So I took an afternoon off….home to accomplish more “to dos” [ahem, blog and write my annual year in review, finish the meal for this weekend’s ski trip, worry that I haven’t checked anything off my 30 in 30 list]

But on my way out, I picked up my mail….and wouldn’t you know? A PACKAGE! My FIRST birthday gift! And Oh! Oh! Oh! You betcha! I got me from ear to ear.

Homemade Dried Fruit (Bananas! Pineapple!) Truffle Salt (oh! My Vice!) Truffle Oil! Gourmet Peanut Butter and HOMEMADE craft from my favorite 4 year old!


3 thoughts on “We love to see you SMILE

  1. Smile more…from one chili head to another that is always a refreshing reminder. I will send you sunflowers for your birthday. Seeing them always reminds me to take a deep breath and relax…and smile, which is a lovely gift to share with a lovely friend. I love you sister!

  2. I’m exactly like that: I feel good when I get stuff done and am productive. But I also like down times. 🙂

    Smiling makes such a difference! I feel happier when I smile more.

    Things that make me smile are good music, playing piano, and spending time with the people I love. And an interesting research project! 😉

  3. You’re a busy lady!! But I feel ya…I love my long “to do” lists and also crave that “down time.” It’s good to find moments…even very long ones..of solitude to figure out what’s going on in life. I used to run away from silence, but now I embrace it with open arms! Thanks for sharing this :). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    PS…loving the new look!

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