7 Special K Facts

The lovely Kath recently tagged me in a blog award encouraging self-insight and exploration by sharing with you 7 random facts post…This is a lovely experiment in reflection. WHO ARE YOU?  I would let you all know seven extremely exciting facts about myself.

1. I worked at Chilis all through high school and college. Slow progression of duties from bussing tables to hostest-ing, to waiting tables, to being a cocktail server. I was number 501. and i LIKED it. Huge life lessons were learned regarding time management, how to listen, how to take orders, how to marry ketchup, and how to fall in love….all with an awesome blossom in the foreground.

2. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 8 or so, and have been on medication for 25 years. The thyroid gland (which means “shield”) is responsible from “shielding” us from intense emotions. Some ways this condition effects me is that I 1) easily get cold 2) get fatigued and depressed if I don’t move or exercise each day 3) need to eat every 2-3 hours 4) easily fluctuate in my weight. “It” doesn’t make me “moody” because I think that all people are moody and have ups and downs. I hate when people believe that they are the victims of their bodies or hormones or conditions. We are not slaves to ourselves, we do not have to master ourselves. Or manage “conditions.” We just have to be good learners of who we are, and do the difficult work, every day, to show up and be aware.

3. I read a book about every 10 days. I am always reading about three at a time 80% of them come from the library. Right now I am reading the Scrapbook of Frannie Pratt, a book about a monday night cooking class, and an AWESOME book, Hamlet’s Blackberry

4. I was never, and still am not, a popular person. Others have deemed me as “quirky” and often, my sense of humor often falls short  of mass appreciation. In high school, I never went to prom, and never dated a boy at my own school. That’s not to say that I was an outcast or that I preferred isolation to social discourse. I was editor in chief in high school and have always preferred sharing my opinions and reflecting on those of others more than self-exclusion. So I guess a strange fact is that I was never popular, but somewhat always wanted to be. I wouldn’t mind running for office one day and winning the votes of others. Popularity means influence, which means contribution. And that matters to me very much. I want to MATTER.

5. My tastes are complicated. I’ve tasted some awesome wines from around the world (China! Morocco! Croatia! Hungarian and soon Vienna) but I also have a penchant for 2 buck chuck. I  pack my lunch (I spent $ on lunch 2 times in 2011 during the work week) but will pay $5 for a jam if Granny Collins cousin picked the strawberries herself and wraps it up in a pretty jar for me at the farmer’s market (case in point: .get your hands on some  mu mu muesli).  I only eat Trader Joe’s crunchy salted peanut butter but could care less what brand of shampoo I buy.

6. I like routines. My body responds so well to them, I don’t use an alarm clock. In fact, I don’t wear a watch and rarely look at a clock. During the work week, I fall asleep almost nightly around 9:30 and wake up around 5 am. I work out daily for an hour, usually running 25-30miles per week and like to cross train on the elliptical (backward 50%) around 20 miles a week. I buy the same pair of athletic shoes every 6 weeks.

7. I have the Wanderlust bug. It’s always been there. Whispering, Begging, Chanting, Urging. WANDERLUST: n. a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. Okay, maybe I’ve also got a little bit of the Wonderlust gene as well. WONDERLUST: n. a strong, innate desire for things that inspire wonder or the urge to create.
This is evident in my travels, my cooking, my writing.
And just this week, one of my crazes has now become this website


2 thoughts on “7 Special K Facts

  1. I loved to read you 7 facts. So much honesty and authenticity! I absolutely admire how much you read. And how you handle the hypothyroidism. And how you survived school. And how much you run. And how much you enjoy exercising.

    I never was a popular person myself, but I also never really wante to be. (Too much attention!) I just wanted to be somewhat accepted, or left in peace. I’m so glad the school time is over now!! 😯

    I can also relate to what you wrote about spending money. I can spend ridiculous amounts of money for something special, but be very reluctant with spending in other regards. Most of my meals are home-cooked as well. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing these! 🙂

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