K Cooks….Cooking Club of Cups!

The Perfect Chocolate Cup

In mid December, the infamous trio banded together and made an entire meal based around “cups”…or courses where ingredients were contained inside each other. This was perhaps the most detail oriented and multi-stepped meal we have endeavored upon yet.  Not only did we have a practice evening of making chocolate cups (BUSTED!) and potato cups and parmesan cups, but individually we slaved away the evening before….and then spent 3 hours preparing the meal. Believe me, there were some bites beyond forgetting.

First Course: Salad in a Bread Cup, Salad in Parmesan Cups

I made the homemade bread and then molded it to an earthenware bowl.

Next time, to ease extraction, I will mold and bake it on a stainless steel bowl. The salad consisted of garlic roasted brussel sprouts, pomegranite seeds, walnuts and feldgreens, with a white balsamic creme

Cooking those parmesan cups was one DIFFICULT task. Like scientists, trial and error was paramount. First we didn’t think we shaved the parmesan coarse enough to produce a lace like pattern.

Then we figured that we didn’t shape them well on the hot pan. The first night, we only ended up with globs of hardened expensive cheese.

But BIG PINK saved the day and got the technique down to a science…including the time for flipping (like a pancake, you flip when the center bubbles) and molding to small glass bowls when piping hot.

Main Course: Beef Wellington

There were a TON of steps to this dish. BIG PINK made the key component, a marchu du vin sauce the evening before (and let me say, this sauce is heavingly rish and sumptuous). Then we chopped up the mushroom layer…

and had to roll filet mignons in pastry dough (the “cup” part) but maintain moisture in doing so, and adding the layers of pate and mushrooms on top.

The final product had a flaky exterior, but because we let the meat sit 4 minutes too long, we produced medium well meats instead of the desired more rare temperature.

See the side? Mashed potato cups with buttered peas.

And to top it off! Chocolate Cups!

Again, we failed, bursted and busted on practice night….laughing hysterically when one of my balloon popped all over my face, neck and walls and ceiling of my kitchen

Thank God the fella is tall!…and a big helper.

We tended to burn the melting of high end chocolate that first evening, and soaked it in too much Cointreau, which caused the balloon to shatter too quckly and the chocolate to be too transparent.

The trick was to double boil the chocolate, get a chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa, and slowly raise the temperature, before dipping it in the balloon.

Inside the cups was a red wine pudding.

Can you say my CUP runneth over?

I know we all did!


4 thoughts on “K Cooks….Cooking Club of Cups!

  1. Dinner looks fantastic…you are really an amazing cook my friend!

    Happy Happy New Year! Thank you for all the fantastic insights you give me on your blog and through your comments on mine. You are one in a million – so glad to have “met” you!

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