Rolling with It…K Cooks Ricotta Squash Ravioli

Making Ravioli is NOT a snap. It definitely requires 1) a tolerance for flour scattered in 4 corners of the kitchen 2) no less than 4 hands 3) a least 90 minutes. Not required, but handy to have around 1) a new ravioli press 2) flexibility in switching up fillings when you run out 3) a kitchen aid with pasta attachment and 4) ravioli rolling pin or 5) ravioli press.

I love this new cooking club. First, I’ve lost a few friends recently and cooking club has lightened the load of feeling a little deprived. That’s right. I substitute carbohydrates for social connectedness. It’s a small grace, and truly if you haven’t tried out emotional recipe making it is a great form of self-soothing…only second to wine tasting in therapuetic thriftyness.

Okay….back to ravioli. First, we whipped up a simple pasta recipe (we got 30 raviolis from these) 2 Cups (250 grams) all purpose flour, mixed in with 3/4 tsp salt, break 1 egg into

mixture and beat, then add another, then add in 1 tbl good quality olive oil.  Mix it up with the kitchen aid until elastic and smooth*.

We allowed the dough to set out for 20 minutes. Then, divided it in two. Then, making a rectangle of the dough and using the pasta attachment, folded it into thirds and started pressing the dough through.

First,  we put it through a thicker setting for 10-12 iterations.

And then, tightened the roller, and put it through another 5 minutes….

And then, tighter, still…..until it got so long, I needed help!

Rolling out the dough took around 20 minutes. Meanwhile, I mixed up the filling: 1 roasted butternut squash, 1/2 cup of light ricotta, oregano, salt, 1 tablespoon olive oil, and 1 egg yolk. We also made one from pureed sweet potato, carrot, rosemary, irish cheddar cheese and egg.

After the pasta stretched out about 2 feet, we laid it out on the ravioli press….then started filling in the wells….

A little Chilean Wine helps the ravioli making so a whole lot....smoother

Besides the press, we also rolled out a sheet of dough, then smoothed the filling all over it, and put another layer on top (think Lasagna). Then, using the roller to slide over the layers, created smaller “pocket” type of ravioli.

As the cooking club didn’t convene until 2 days later, we opted to layer the ravioli in parchment paper and freeze them.  Directly from the freezer to boiling water, and garnished with parmesan cheese and oil and WOW!

Delicious! I preferred the press ravioli but the carrot sweet potato filling, better.

Baked, Not Boiled

(DISCLAIMER! The kitchen aid isn’t mine…(although after this, I am considering the investment!)


4 thoughts on “Rolling with It…K Cooks Ricotta Squash Ravioli

  1. Nice work! I know all too well the joys of making homemade pasta. We have done tortellini but not ravioli. We also did macaroni and lasagna. It’s fun, but tough, and you are right about the wine helping out.

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