K Crazes….Fall 2011

Shaved Zucchinni with goat cheese, rosemary and lemon"

Fall Produce. I used the last zuc from my little garden last
week and have a few tomatoes left.  The Guy might take leaves from the cabbage and start a 9 week process to make homemade saurkraut. What person wouldn’t love hard squash, bountiful apples, pears, and nuts (here in Germany, they sell fresh chestnuts). AND GRAPES! We’ve been going to a wine fest every weekend. This past weekend, we went to a “wanderung”…a 7km walkpath through vineyards.

Every 10  minutes or so, there are stands run by local vinters selling their wines, and pairing it with “culinary delights.” This past summer, I’ve opened my wine palate up to German  Whites (due to Wegeler wine!) and pretty much shun their reds. THIS EXPERIENCE WAS HEAVEN, people! Think…walking…in the sun…through vineyards…with a good looking guy, eating dumpknodel with white wine sauce,

sharing sekt….

Pink Champagne!

Particularly when it is 67 and SUNNY!

After a weekend getaway to Dresden this past summer (about a 6+ hour autobahn ride)  I came back with a slew of awesome handmade earthware from the Polish Pottery town of Boleslawiec. This small town is only 100K from Dresden, and we trooped through a down torrent of rain to hop from outlet to outlet. I am NOT a big shopper, but with some serious girl power, and a passion for locating the meaningful and unique, I scored a new little coffee cup. The handmade stoneware is lead free, made from white clay and then are painted, and are lead free, micro wave, dishwasher and oven friendly. The best shop was the Manufaktura Factory Shop (see 30, Gdanska Street Hours: Mon-Fri 7am – 5pm, Sat 6am – 2p) with the most unique patterns.

My new Northface Rain Jacket…perfect for the fickle weather we have out here. Keeps me warm, cool, and dry all at the same time. Looking forward to showing you pics of me wearing it in Ireland next month.

Giam Foam Roller….small enough to release my IT band…I am back up to 15-20 miles running each week, and an added 30 in crosstrainers.

The Vaccines….What did you Expect from the Vaccines? Their song Lack of Understanding is both upbeat and dramatically critical. I LOVE it. And their voices fun, but serious as well. As if they are making fun of themselves while analyzing postmodernity.

Watching The Wire…The guy and I started the series together. Four episodes in and I am on the edge of my seat seeing what path D will choose. Also Reading The Swan Thieves. (I LOVED her first book) and within 5 minutes, I decided that 15 minutes of this book is exactly the escape I need each night to transition between work and play.

What are you crazed about lately? Any new Trader Joe’s product that I can be envious of?


3 thoughts on “K Crazes….Fall 2011

  1. I’ve been loving the fabulous grapes we’ve been getting here too! Although Trader Joe’s version probably isn’t as good or fresh as what you have but it does the trick. 🙂

    North Face is fabulous! Love the jacket.

  2. I love autumn because it yields the most lovely produce – apples, pumpkin, turnips, wine … And I also love the light in autumn. 🙂

    You’re going to Ireland? 😀 A friend of mine just was two weeks ago. I haven’t but, you know, I have travel plans to pursue in the years to come. 🙂

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