A Special K Fest


  • Friday, September 16, 2011 • 7pm

We are expecting your attendance at the First Annual “Special-K-Fest”!

The celebration will center on German Beer.

A selection of the tastiest German beers will be available in addition to some seriously delicious homebrew. And you know that at Special K’s, you’ll never go hungry.

Think Würstl. 


Dream of Brezn.

Consider the Kraut.

 And Crave Black Forest Cake and Kuchen.

The first original German Beer Festival was sparked by a royal wedding, but then grew to bring farmers together for commerce, trade, and spirits. What better way to honor our time living here in Germany with a traditional fest like celebration?

Be among our honored guests at this first special annual event…and hopefully, for all the years ahead. Grab your dirndls and lederhosen. Don’t forget your Tyrolean hat!

 Or…If you don’t want to wear traditional outfits, then make sure to wear Blue and White, the traditional colors of Bavaria.



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