It’s a Heart Thing….Beer, is.

Of course I would like Zoigl beer. It had me at “community” brew.

For around $2.50 each....a taste of home

During my moratorium (the state after adolescence called the 20s where one tries on a lot of identities before settling on that firm sense of “I”) I served as a community life programmer in seminary. The word community actually refers to people in proximity actually INTERACTING together. Consider this for a moment, 40% of most people do not know the majority of their neighbors (however, if you are a mom in your 30s who is educated, the number is lower).

Of course, Mr. Rogers was RIGHT! Knowing your neighbors leads to better physical health, safety and improved family functioning.

Know, imagine not only if you knew your neighbor (and not just that he prefers to belt In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida while watering the lawn) but made BEER with them.

Mr. Popp, the Zoigl Maker, pours me a taste

God couldn’t have considered a better plan for world peace. Which is MAYBE, just maybe?, the story behind water turning into wine….

Deutchland is the land of the braueri. Germans have the MOST beer offerings in the world, and they are the least expensive. But my favorite beer of the Germans I’ve encountered thus far in the education process is ZOIGL.

Zoigl is a beer which is only brewed in Bavaria, between Franconia and the Czech Republik. It is a STYLE of beer that is now only brewed in 5 villages in the Oberpfalz area. The brewhouses that create them are owned by either the town, or a co-op of
homebrewers. The wort is then brought to the private cellars of the brewers, where the fermentation with bottom fermenting yeast and the lagering of the beer is done.
A couple of weeks later the beer is tapped directly from the tank and sold in the private rooms of the brewer.

Can you imagine how quickly strangers become friends when they are drinking community beer in the homes of the brewers? When the beer is on sale, usually over the weekend, a six pointed star is hung out of a window of the house (or displayed from a purpose built bracket) to denote that Zoigl beer is available. In 1508 the word “zeigl” occurs the first time in a document at Neustadt an der Waldnaab. It comes from the German name for sign, “Zeichen”, and was pronounced “zeigel” in the Upper Palatinate dialect. Today, the word “Zoigl” is still in use.

The Zoigl-Star, a six-angular star similar to the Star of David, was the sign of brewers in the middle ages symbolizing the three elements water, earth and fire used for brewing and the three ingredients water, malt and hops. The importance of the yeast was not known at that time.

Of course, I heart Zoigl.

It has heart.

And home is where the heart is.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Heart Thing….Beer, is.

  1. Sounds yummy and fun! I wish there was more of a sense of community in places. That is one thing I enjoy about the military base. People are just friendly and helpful without questioning anything. Interesting that this uses the Jewish star. Cute shirt.

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