Morning Jogs in Croatia

Some of my most cherished experiences while traveling occur before the day begins. There is no itinerary, very little planning, no sense of needing to achieve or obtain a certain goal or even a sense of obligation. There is just me, my running shoes, unexplored terrain and the urge…to jog.

This is not running. This is sensual, lungs breathing, jogging. I cannot rest from travel. As if my being, my sole purpose is to explore, and ramble, and see what there is to see and breathe in the buildings, the colors, the fellow morning lurkers, to feel the day break open as a yolk enriching the moving earth, the centered heaven. To bathe in mornings stars until I tire. Slowly, unfolding, my heart in anticipated consummation. A happy, tired expansion.

Morning #1 Rovinj

Morning #2 Motovun

Night Jog #3 (did yoga instead of running…on the front porch in Plitvice Lakes) Bad picture, but AWESOME 15 minute chest pounding sprint

Morning #4 Split, Croatia

Morning #5 Solta

Morning #6…I ended the trip with a slow walk along the coast (I was TIRED after 4 hours of sleep!)

Where will I be jogging this weekend? (SPAIN! Of course!)


3 thoughts on “Morning Jogs in Croatia

  1. Isn’t it amazing that you can run in all different parts of the world?! That’s how I felt on my last trip. I was running in Canada and it felt so awesome to do a long run out there. Then I finally tackled a long run in New York when I flew there from Canada and stayed for a bit. Then I thought of all the other countries and cities I’ve ran in. It truly does make it exciting and just adds one more reason to why running is awesome.

    Hope all has been well with you!

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