Lake Hiking and one gourmet of a picnic

Ever feel as if the weekends zip right past you, gorged full of errands and leftovers from the week, laundry and shopping and bill preparing and household duties that somehow it doesn’t “add up” to be an end at all, but an extension?

Moving to Europe altered that hazed errand addiction in me, and now, whether exploring monuments while traveling or strolling through markets at home, my weekends feel….commandeered to rejuvenation. One weekend I spent a few hours on a bike tour. Another lounging around a friend’s BBQ for 4 hours, another a short venture into France. Life slows on Sunday particularly.

And spending some time in the sun, at Bostalsee Lake, hiking a 7k path along its perimeter, sitting in an area overlooking sail boats, and setting up a gourmet picnic with a handful of friends…this makes a happy K.

Botaslee Lake and Beach

The scene didn’t hurt….

Now enter the lovely set up….I nabbed my patio mat and table and table cloth out to set up the food, and it felt more homey than any other picnic in the past. Or perhaps that’s because after finishing the hike, when the fellas went to scout for suitable lunch location, I busted out the Erdbeer Liquor (strawberry wine, basically!). Did I mention how patience is NOT my virtue? Apparently, drinking is.

Now enter the nibbles…

Gourmet cheese twirls, a selection of meat and vegetarian pates, deer meat brats, pasta salad, nuts and fruit….and of course,

Let me introduce youto THIS girl’s best friend………the wine…. 

 Wegeler Riesling (do you know them? If you are stateside, this is the most delicious vinter our here producing whites. By far, my lovee of whites. And this is from a red white worshiper)

and her trusty side kick………cheese and carbs. I baked up a fresh loaf, Challah style, and served it with Trappist Belgium Cheese and honey scored in Morocco.

Chimay cheese, moroccan honey (score from the market!) and fresh homemade bread

So…”What will you do with your wild life?” The answer is not so much as crucial as shifting back, freeing myself from being enslaved to the clock, the notion of achieving or earning, and ending the week…with nourishment, naturally.


3 thoughts on “Lake Hiking and one gourmet of a picnic

  1. “I baked up a fresh loaf…”I love how you throw that out there, like it’s the easiest thing in the world. I admire the way you enjoy and savor every moment of your life. I would switch with you in a second! Let me know if you are interested in carting around a 6-year-old to her dozens of afterschool activities! I’d be happy to take the fresh bread and the rest of the picnic off your hands. 🙂

  2. Aww, what a beautiful trip! I currently work a lot on the weekends, but I do my best to balance it out with piano playing and walks in the nature. I’d love to go hiking with friends on a weekend, but unfortunately there aren’t so many here anymore, and the ones who still are often busy or have long distance relationships, so I’m mostly on my own. I don’t mind, but I think I’d go for a longer trip more often with company, so I’m really looking forward to one of my best friends coming back from Mongolia where she’s currently travelling.

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