K Crazes….an Update!

It is about time I share with you what I have been loving lately. 

Notes to Myself…a tiny read about philosophical revelations, on basic notions of how to live. Reading, reflecting, sipping tiny bitter bolts of french press coffee at 6 am as the birds chirp and the morning air hardens and yet revitalizes my skin. Little gulps of hope, inspiration, awareness, building on little lightning bulb themes from these past few months.

I sometimes react to making a mistake as if I have betrayed myself. My fear of making a mistake seems to be based on the hidden assumption that I am potentially perfect and that if I can just be very careful I will not fall from heaven. But a ‘mistake’ is a declaration of the way I am, a jolt to the way I intend, a reminder I am not dealing with the facts. When I have listened to my mistakes I have grown.

It reminds me of that moment, in Spain, seeing the philosophy....There is no winner but Allah

How come it is very easy for me to make my future feel secure by enslaving myself to doctrine, ruts, the sense of not having “enough” (time, energy, grace, flexibility, strength)?  When I feel uncomfortable, I seek rigidity and rules, and these books guide me into relaxing, and truly, being free to live. If I seek a particular reward, it is never as expected, but the seeking always pleases.

Also…a wonderful book about being authentic, holding a sense of self, and relating to others, called Intimacy & Desire.  The crux of the matter…our minds give meaning to our relationships, but it is our ability to feel solid without positiive feedback, to soothe ourselves, to endure discomfort, that serves collaborative unions.  Here is what I learned

1) For each task you do jointly with ANYone, one person is going to want to do it more. And the person that has less desire for it, yields more power (which doesn’t always feel good)…
2) People that don’t feel in control and confident in themselves, attempt to control others. If you want better intimacy, learn how to soothe yourself.
3) OPEN your eyes….all relationships are about mind mapping, and intimate ones (from friendships to family to lovers) should allow you to be HONESTLY seen and want to see the other.

I am keen on these!

Cutesy Keens. I THOUGHT I had a cool pair of keens before, but maybe it was just my lust that manufactured the image of me as a keen girl. Well, now I am. These little tooties slip them on (no lacing required) and am properly suited for hiking the Black Forest, Traversing the markets of Morocco, sliding the vineyards around Luxembourg and galivanting on the islands off of Croatia. Yep. It’s gonna be a lovely summer. 

Not to mention my ergo alien shoes…

have to admit, they take some getting used to!

I’ve been a little swoony over French preparations since my year of soups, falling mouth over tummy for complex tastes and simple ingredients with not so easy techniques (e.g. cooking eggs). Now, I am ga-ga over Around my French TableAfter arrving from China, I’ve prepared several recipes, and cherish their stories and verve and unique flavor profile. Avocado “ravioli”, Caramel scallops, Far,  and recently, Visitandine…. This cake is named after a Catholic religious order founded in France and truly is a baking masterpiece.  The step of browning butter into beurre noisette imparts a hazlenut–like undertone.  Yummy (Where the HECK did my pic go?). At a BBQ over the weekend, I brought a fresh homemade loaf of bread to pair with her recipe for Orange and Olive Salad….Oh! Wow! Flavor Explosion. Soaking the onions in cold water helps reduce their bitterness, and the lovely balance of this mixture sent me right into another orbit. 

A New Toothbrush….It’s like a little tornado in the mouth, that bacteria whizzed around better than Toto in a shambled KS house. Even after two weeks of using it, I am excited when I turn on the button, and feel as if I “did a good job” after it automatically shuts off A LONG TIME after I would have set the brush down on my own. Why’d I get it? Pure jealousy. Watching some one else get the opposite of down and dirty with the Panasonic Phillips Essence it seriously made me salivate. One of the best gifts next to….

WUESTHOF…How I Love Thee.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? 

Definitely MORE LOVELY


The sharp edges of the forged blade, designed in Germany, continues to quiver some fear and trembling as I slice and dice with as much precision as my impatient hands can muster. Honestly, besides being one of the most romantic gifts I’ve received, this baby (and it’s powerful punchy skipper of a paring knife) continue to amaze me at the ease of their proficiency. I’ve never been a prep gal, that’s for sure, but when something does it’s job so well, and so beautifully, poetry ensues. 

Miss Needle Beetle. I love her little homemade recyclable bags and the fact that SHE SHARES. She willingly supports the good fight, gives her heart to others, and offers cute patterns to put a smile on my face.  

WHAT HAS GOT YOU CRAZED???  I need a new riveting book…


One thought on “K Crazes….an Update!

  1. current crazes – the hunger games series (i would love to hear what you think of them), anise gummy bears (so yummy!), and the farmers market (i am working at it for the store a few times each month. really fun and i get paid in cash!)

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