K Cooks…Sweety, Salty Far

The phrase  “being in a relationship?\” feels a bit cumbersome, like many of my jackets in the past where the sleeves push way past my wrists, and I have to keep rolling or pushing them back up into proper place. I think I’ve “been in relationship” all my life, and just because now I have a rather pleasant stand in dinner date on Mondays doesn’t mean I am “in” something or “relating” more. I have just shifted the outcomes of my productions and expressions of “relating” into more or less saturated aspects of that which I value.

Eating and Drinking being one of them.

Erdberbola...strawberry liquor heaven

I love sharing dinner. I love the fact that I get to experiment, and I am searching out new flavors that I want to get all kooky with, and trying to find beers that he or I haven’t tasted yet, or new vintages of wine that I wouldn’t purchase for solo consumption. These past few months, I’ve eaten well (with some healthy gain to serve as evidence) and this goes hand in hand with risking, trusting, accepting, and consistently growing as K, which has lead to a proliferation of new developments in every aspect of my life.  Lately: butternut squash, pear spinach pizza, gin spiked beer, Edberbola, fruited couscous, blue cheese shepard pie,  and of course… French Cooking.

Remember that I don’t really like cookbooks, and I’ve been a bit of a wanderer since last year’s gorgeous gift of Yearly Soups. Then I stumbled on Dorrie, ordering her from the library, spinning out 2-3 recipes from her book and dog-tagging 50 others, and held onto it a little TOO long past the due date…that I decided to pony up and get my own. Now, when I think about making something “delish” I turn to Around my French Table. 

Together, the boy and I have been into honey tasting, vinegar tasting, wine tasting, and beer tasting. April was the month of beer around here, and after a day trip to the Alsace, I brought back a nutty large Ale for tasting and needed something French and a mixture of salt and sweet to pair with…and it had to be a bit simple for this busy week we were experiencing. 20 minutes of prep. Tops.

Basically, this recipe isn’t basic.  It is a sweet and salty mixture of bacon, eggs, potatoes, prunes and raisins and butter browned into a custard like texture. Served piping hot, its craggy surface crackles in the mouth and satisfies as it surprises.

Odd word...but in a way, it is one of the French's terms for Cake

Relationships aren’t there to make people feel “secure” or “accepted” or “less lonely.” They are not the giant band-aid to heal you from human-ness or natural chaos.  But they do offer a sense of being known, of knowing, of sharing in that human-ness, and those amazing moments of being uniquely alive…tasting those hops, slurping the crispy burned prunes, and raising a glass…

“to your health.”


2 thoughts on “K Cooks…Sweety, Salty Far

  1. I’ve been doing some French cooking lately, too (been using “France The Beautiful Cookbook”) so was happy to come across this post. “it isn’t basic” you got that right! I’ve found that the recipes have simple ingredients put together not so simply…but oh so delicious!! I’m hooked now! Will definitely be on the lookout for that book 🙂

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