And I’ll Cry If I Want to….

Ever get the feeling that there “has to be something more than this?”

Well, this past 31st year of my life, over and over and over again, I felt that THIS. and a little bit of THAT. And life WAY my party, and I did cry (here and there) if I wanted to.

But on this day of celebrating my birth, and honor the past, I more than whole heartedly celebrate the NOW….

But I am GOOD at re-telling stories….so, if you’d like…let me steal you away from YOUR party, and remember:

Spring 2010

Skinny Dipped in Portugal

Lived on cash for a month

Summer 2010

Swooned in Provence

Perfected Party Hosting

Autumn 2010

Made Dry Ice Cream

Smoked a Hooka in Istanbul

Winter 2011

Owned my Redness,

Completed my Freebie

and made dumplings in China (recap coming shortly)…not to mention hiked the Great Wall


There is no Winner But Allah.....

THis is my life, and I can’t imagine being anybody but me, anywhere but where I am.

I am satisfied and hungry, confident and confused, loving and direct, full and wanting more…and just aware of the fact that I am alive…
and growing, and capable of failing and succeeding, and all at the same time, seeing the magic in the morning sun, and waiting, anticipating, reaching for what may be right now…rather than what is ahead, or behind, or even inside.
But here, now…
It may not be happy, but this is mine. This day. of

6 thoughts on “And I’ll Cry If I Want to….

  1. As your mom, if I could have my way, here’s how every Birthday would be for you.
    Big parties with all your gigglie little girl friends
    Cake and ice cream
    candles not blown out until you have made your special wish
    Lots of gifts that bring a smile to your beautiful face
    Going to bed listening to happy whispers, laughing, and wondering when you would ever all fall asleep
    Loving being your mom
    Happy Birthday

  2. Happy birthday! I wish a great ocean of happiness will wait for your in the time to come. πŸ™‚

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