Back from China…The Travelouge begins

My time in china can not be punctuated into words. I think I longed for the trip to be LIFE changing or transforming…and honestly…it wasn’t. I guess my winter of hip injury and rediscovering a sense of trust with myself, another, and the seasonality of life felt so incredibly shape shifting that even CHINA couldn’t compete.

More than that, spiritually speaking, certain themes resonated with me. The Ying-Yang brought up this revolving philosophy of the pieces of my life…that things change all the time, one moment light, another dark, coming together, falling apart.

A highlight...the TerraCotta Warriors

But the current pulse of the country felt to me as if its beautiful essential core had been stolen…by a drive to produce and provide for such masses.

Let me inadequately summarize by noting  that I did not feel secure or comfortable with the physical energy of the space. While moments stolen between people felt strangely relieving,  operating within the mass history and souls proved overstimulating and produced an edge to my approach. I could never quite Blossom there and did not thrive emotionally.

And, Yet looking back, perhaps part of the reason lies in the fact that I Blossomed before my trip And part because there was little personal space for me to truly unfurl myself. Numerous people commented that a huge shift occurred in the “feeling” of the country after the Olympics. And yet, I learned and explored and tasted and created and received.

The Dragon in the Summer Palace...he warded off evil spirits

Over a series of posts, also labeled and saved on a page of it’s own, I plan to present my travelogue for China….gradually, most likely, and in spurts….as I continue to digest the experience, and weave it into the spring time I arrived back to with a warm homecoming.

No matter where I am, it is WHO I am that matters…and those I belong to. Thanks for being among that surly crowd.


6 thoughts on “Back from China…The Travelouge begins

  1. i want to hear more! despite the trip not being life changing in the immediate here and now this is just one more tool to put in your toolbox of life. i’m sure that the impact is there, just waiting to be drawn on

  2. I look forward to hearing more. Interesting that things seem changed since the Olympics. I was there before them. I love China and I had a blast, but I was there on a dietetics trip and visited things in my profession, including restaurant and hospital kitchens. I got to watch dialysis in an insane and really unclean looking procedure, while the patients ate foods we all knew were no-nos on the renal diet. We met with the Chinese Nutrition Society and heard about their diet data (similar to NHANES). It was a very unique experience.

    I wish it had inspired more in you.

  3. Hm. It sounds like your China trip was a disappointment in some regard (while not in others), and I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe it has to do with modernization and globalization – places lose their magic, and their potential of enchanting you. I haven’t been to China yet, although I find the country very interesting, so of course I’m part of the crowd that’s drooling and looking forward to your posts to come! 😀

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