Tasks #10 and #66 A Plate Party & Flavor Function!

LIFE just simply prevented me from throwing any dinner gatherings all winter. I had to make up for lost time before jetting off to China.

Thus, after collecting 12 plates from various locations across the globe, a notion fold an ingredient challenge into the mix rose like fermenting yeast in summer.

The invite READS:

What crazy concoctions will be created and tasted this Friday? Are you already dreaming up creative contributions? (Considering Lucky Charms? Cans of Creamed Corn? A package of Italian Sausage? Spam?) Are you

imagining what fun plate you might end up with as a parting gift at the end of the evening?

Here are a few reasons WHY you are coming:

1) It’s Friday, and after a week of work, you don’t want to cook anyway

and are sick of the mundane meals you’ve been chowing on

2) You have to eat anyway and it might as well be “tuna surpise

3) you are devilishly excited to stump K’s culinary ego

4) you need a “new” antique plate for your dinnerware collection. You

are already planning to break it out when needing something to cradle

pickles, Ritz Chips and Cheese Whiz the next time you host guests.

5) you’ve never tried a Manhattan and are guessing that you and other

guests might appear more witty or racy arriving on an empty stomach and

waiting 30 minutes for something edible to be scrounged up

6) your spouse is dragging you and you feigned being out of the country

on the last invitation

7) you really want an excuse to donate money to a good cause

Here are a few rules for K’s challenge:

Combine dinner guests ingredient choices to create three courses:

starter, main dish and dessert. She can use any additional items from

her pantry or freezer, but CAN NOT refer to any recipes.

Here’s what’s required of you

1) Arrive between 6:30 and 7

2) Dressed to Impressed

3) with enough of an ingredient for 10 servings

4) and some $ cash to buy your plate for the evening. Or making a


5) patience and self-entertainment while each course is prepared

6) and an adventurous palate.

A Manhattan Perfect will be served upon your arrival, followed by any drinks GUEST can make from the bar, wine, beer, soda, and water. But save one for me! I’ll be in the kitchen!

12 guests brought the following:  white fish, red fish, spinach, macademia nuts & cous-cous, linguine, shrimp, gnocchi, berries, tofu, ricotta, mushrooms

I got cracking immediately….and yep, I was having stressful fun

First, I created stuffed mushrooms and basil peanut baked tofu (sorry! It was lapped up so quickly, I got NO pics!)

then, Course 2: coconut curry red fish over orange honey macademia toasted cous-cous, white wine shrimp and white fish bruschetta with spinach ricotta linguine


And finally, a calfoutii with baked gnocchi and berries….

Later….this is where toasty turned into toasted

Such a Full-Filling Time….Indeed! We raised almost $200 for the cause.

This weekend was so FULL FULL FULL that I almost am sad to go to China for 2 weeks….life here is pretty amazing…but what adventures await for me out East?

Stay Tuned….

10 thoughts on “Tasks #10 and #66 A Plate Party & Flavor Function!

  1. That’s the best dinner invitation (plus reasons for coming) I’ve ever read! 😀 Haha, and I definitely believe you had stressful bliss. That’s the good stress. 😉

    China … Awesome! Have a great trip! I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures!

  2. Awesome work on the dinner party. I love the idea of them bringing items and you whip them into a 3 course meal. Looks like you got super creative with those. I am glad you got to do this before heading east. Hope you are enjoying your time in China.

  3. I love the dinner party idea! So cute and unique. And what an amazing cook you are my friend – I couldn’t pull all of that together in a week, nevermind one evening. It looks delicious.

    China! I can’t imagine how awesome that is going to be for you…and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. oh my gosh, this looks like fun! i love parties with themes and this is particularly creative. nice work!

    have a lovely time in china 🙂

  5. I love your passion and creativity. I don’t think I would be able to get 12 people to show up to such an affair. But that is because I don’t have it in me to host such an affair these days. Maybe if I didn’t have so many roommates!!

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