K Crazes….more things to share (plus a giveaway)

K is hibernating. Spending more time reading, listening to music, sharing with others, working, not running, laughing, moaning, and ingesting a variety of therapeutic liquids, capusles, kisses, edibles that detain me from the comforts of my MACBOOK. Life feels incredibly shape shifting season moving these days.

And thus, thought it would be a lovely time to share some of my LOVES lately.

Reads: Okay, so Steve Martin’s An Object of Beauty simply mezmerizes and seduces me with it intellectual seduction. Simply complicated. How human people, so honestly valued and yet unworthy of receiving attention more than others, mirrors art is the main theme of the book. I found myself hating Lacey and envying her as well….If I can escape in Martin’s world, Pema Chodron’s When Things Fall Apart equips me to STAY and remain steadfastly attuned to my pain and discomfort.

“We think that if we just meditated enough or jogged enough or ate perfect food, everything would be perfect. But from the point of view of someone who is awake, that’s death. Seeking security or perfection, rejoicing in feeling confirmed and whole, self-contained and comfortable, is some kind of death. It doesn’t have fresh air. There’s no room for something to come in and interrupt all that. We are killing the moment by controlling our experience. Doing this is setting ourselves up for failure, because sooner or later, we’re going to have an experience we can’t control: our house is going to burn down, someone we love is going to die, we’re going to find out we have cancer, a brick is going to fall out of the sky and hit us on the head ”

YEP. That is pretty much WHERE I am right now. Leaning into the fact that my body, tensed and broken, won’t RUN. and my heart, wow…this pulsing, childish impatient, curious heart, WILL beat.

Yoga Bag in Spain

I love my new yoga bag

…except my yoga mat has only been lucky enough to be lovingly dolled up in it once.

Hectic Lives = Need for Organization.

This bag is curled up in my purse at the airport (and then uncurled once I get on the plane), it is toted to my library presentations, and fumbled in during my work outs.  I get a comment on it each time I wear it, because it is hand-made, and somehow, brings out my personality.  I carry it over my chest to protect its contents browsing busy markets overseas. And yes…unique it is. Such an investment piece.

Here it is at the Alhambra in Granada….fresh from K’s Travels to the south of Spain this past weekend. Where it courted olive oil, rioja, SUNSCREEN, my lip blam, and aforementioned books…plus, my pal and her kiddos beloved IPAD!

Want one? Check them out here  as well (and if you like a certain style, I am sure you can request one)  How do you think you’d put it to use? Email this post to 5 people, and leave a comment about your unique style below and I’ll announce a random winner by the weekend.

Monday Meals. For the past month, I am cooking something delishish to share with some one worthwhile. It not only gives me an outlet to get creative and try new combinations, but I anticipate and crave Monday to arrive. Like a little extension of the weekend. My mood more open, receptive, less controlling and fanatic. Blue Cheese Apple Stuffed Pork loin, Gnocchi and Herb Encrusted Mushrooms, Peanut Coconut Curry Chicken, Champagne Orange Vinegar Green Beans, and ooooh so scrumptious Goat Cheese Pear Chutney Honey Panini’s…..Can we just give a brief shout out to dating some one and actually….well, LOVING it?.

What products, habits, books are you CRAZED about?

Where would your bag TAKE YOU?

10 thoughts on “K Crazes….more things to share (plus a giveaway)

  1. love the bag. i have living out my timbuk2 lately. a good bag is a neccessary for a gal on the go.

    my loves lately = coconut anything, kombucha, saul alinsky’s writting, and researching.

  2. Great bag. Even better that you made it to Spain. I take it you are doing better. I am with my sister now in the US. Heading to TJs on Thursday so let me know if there is anything specific you want. I will email this post to 5 people, and my uinique style is just get up and go. I have never been one to fuss over make up and my hair. I had a student (9th grader) tell me that was fine for me because I always look beautiful. That was really sweet but I told her she did not need all the make up either but she insisted it was very necessary. Oh well! We learn as we get older.

    I want to hear about this worthwhile person!

  3. Hey, Doc:
    I love that you carry the yoga bag (which you use for everything else!) I appreciate your pictures, comments and support. Sure, lets give some away! I’d appreciate the feedback on the website “comment” page.

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  5. That quote is spectacular. I am always trying to control everything to the point that I realize that I don’t leave room for miracles or discovery. The best events in life are the ones that I didn’t plan — the things that happen at the point where I let go.

    Because I have a performance background, I know that the best thing to do is prepare and prepare and prepare and then, just before the big event, let it all go. Open up to everything else.

    Thank you for this reminder!

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