O Tannenbaum: Christmas in Germany

A few benefits about Christmas Season in Germany.

1) This land produced several Christmas traditions. Think Christmas Tree. Sure, pagans had the penchant for putting lights in their trees to signify an honoring of the light and all the mysteries nature held (plus, it helped make the path home a little easier to navigate after chomping on all those wild twigs with their “healing” properties) But  the Tannenbaum, didn’t corollate with Christmas until the 16th. Its “birth” has been linked to Martin Luther , but most historians note that the Germans put on Christmas plays, where on Feast day of Adam and Eve (Christmas Eve) they played out Genesis, and there was a tree hung with fruit and nuts.

2) This area also brags the orgination of the Candy Cane as well. It is fairily new, around 300-400 years old. A big-wig choir dude in Cologne thought….need something to shut up the kids during my performance. Why not hard sugar I can easily shape and then associate with the Nativity? Engineering and Ease, people….and now, I bet you have the oldie within 60 feet of you right now. But when is the last time you ate a whole one? I challenge you to savor this treat…perfect with a cup of something cocoa-ish….and you’ll re-discover. Yep, this keeps me occupied and sugar hyped for a significant length of time

3) Take an exit off the autoban every 50K or so, and you’ll find a Christmas Market. or a Christkindlmarkt, or a Christkindlesmarkt, or a Christkindlmarket, and  or a Weihnachtsmarkt. The Dresden market started in 1434 hailing the weeks of Advent, and all the surrounding areas got a little jealous of all the Glühwein (warm cidered wine) and Lebkuchen (gingerbread) that they took the festivities back to their own cribs.

For Christmas Eve, I am have 12 adults and 2 children over for dinner after Christmas Eve service. I have been thinking and anticipating the gathering all week….then a quiet dinner and game time with friends on Christmas. Think homemade candied apple cakes, cider toddies, home-made ginger chocolate fondue, homemade christmas CDs and singing and games and sugar rushes…hopefully, I’ll have some pictures and a recap up by Sunday.

Merry Christmas…all the way from Germany


2 thoughts on “O Tannenbaum: Christmas in Germany

  1. I would love to spend the holiday season in Germany…I’m sure the experience is invaluable! Everything seems so much more authentic over there. I love knowing that the candy cane was invented there! And is it odd that my dream is to drive on the Autobahn before I die??

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Los Angeles. 🙂

  2. Have a great Christmas dinner. I bet Germany is super festive. I have a lot of friends over there right now visiting for the holidays. I can’t remember where you are exactly, but I bet some of my coworkers are nearby you now.

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