Elemental Nature

I don’t have TV and it’s a rare show that wins my subscription. I will dabble in a little Glee here, or a No Reservations there…and with the exception of The Closer, I don’t perch on my couch with numbing anticipation yawning away at an upcoming show……

Unless it it Top Chef.

I would marry Top Chef.

I dream about Top Chef challenges. Re-runs are cradled with amore as they offer creative stimulation for me to ponder “What would would I produce out of a vending machine?” In my professional life, I analyze, I diagnose, I gather all these serious bits of information to attempt to discern how to enhance development, and how to accept it.  I get my (geeky) kicks living vicariously in foam emulsions, pulled sugar, stacked terrines and all sorts of staples…….done two ways, of course!

And so when a new friend, almost a stranger I met signing up for a ski trip over MLK in Austria this January, boasted about “cooking with a passion,” I upted the ante: Put your money where your mouth is. Literally.

My menu scrolled through my mind during jogs, meetings, shaving my legs, preparing all goodies for my share week at work

The challenger, this lame excuse competing against my creative whim and obsessive spirit, arrived at 5pm…one hours to set the scene….

Table, Champagne Flutes, Wine Glasses, Water Pitcher, Silverware


Which left little time to prepare course #1 (good thing I had almost all of #2 and #3 lovingly gathered and just waiting to combine)

My First Course: Water

Almond Stuff Medit Dates, Watercress, Homemade Orange Brioche Croutons in a Marscapone Broth

Tasting Notes: The dates SUPER SWEET, but my lord…pureed Marscapone with orange zest, salt, and a dash of rum makes one HAPPY dressing…but the delicateness BROKE down paired with

His First Course: French Onion Soup

Tasting Notes: The RICHNESS of this soup absolutely melted those onions…which must have taken butter into their sweetness and made love children with them. WOW. Big flavor…a little too BIG for that fingery greens

My Second Course: Earth

Pumpkin Mushroom Stuffed Homemade crispy ravioli, with proscuitto risotto,  truffle oil, gorgonzola

Tasting Notes: If I can say so myself…absolute wonderful layering. The truffle oil opened up the tuber and the woody-ness of the mushrooms sang…but the risotto fell short. It sat for more than 30 minutes and was gummy.

His Second Course: Air (Chicken) and Earth (bread?)

Tasting Notes: Guests loved this sturdy, wine butter soaked chicken, with stuffing sitting on top on cranberry sauce and served with a roll. Classically strong armed dish.

My Third Course: Fire & Air

Homemade Toasted Coconut Marshmallow with Chili Chocolate Sauce

Tasting Notes: Outta this world and into Heaven!  Not only did making these goodies bring smiles and wonder as the sticky stuff ogt into my hair, elevating me to a whole new dimension…but it challenged me as a cook. SUPERB!

His Third Course: ALCHEYHOL lit chocolate lava cakes


Tasting Notes: The oohs and ahhs with fire outdid the taste.


In the end, his flaming volcano molten lava cake pushed him over the edge. Falshbacks to my Chili’s days, I am sticking licking my wounds and insisting my homemade toasted coconut marshmallows with chili chocolate sauce (AIR AND FIRE) must have been melted on people’s tongues before PROPERLY tasted.


Marshmallow making made me feel wondorous, like a child…the sweet goo clinging to my hair in the morning.

I love being creative and SHARING it with others

Don’t serve both contenders food side by side, unless you direct people HOW to taste, as the flavor combination can derail chef intentions…also, taking turns will make the food being presented more “fresh” (e.g. one person can cook while the guests sample the other’s chefs course)

Lighting something on fire always makes for a winning menu

This is my life, people….putting myself through unnecessary challenges for the spite of it.

…and on this night, my cup, and plate, runneth over.

…and….do I have a crush?


5 thoughts on “Elemental Nature

  1. I would marry Top Chef if I could too! I even watch the reruns, despite knowing who the winner is. I would also marry that lava cake…my gosh it looks delicious!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. ah! how fun was that?! what a great idea. your marshmellow creation sounds amazing. i am anxiously awaitng the start of the top chef all star season on wednesday! i have already “reserved” the TV for the occasion. hehe!

  3. Sounds like a fun idea even if some of the foods clashed. I think you made some wonderful dishes. I have never even thought to light choc lava cake on fire, so that was impressive he thought of this.

  4. Krystal this is an amazing account of two strangers, ships in the night, that allowed themselves and their minds to ponder. No not on the food nor the menu but on how the night would disclose it’s self to each. Reading your narrative, I feel, the evening as fantastic as it must have been. The true delight was in the preparation. Most chefs would say the prep work is instrumental. The anticipation! I am delighted you found happiness in your actions and I am even more delighted I found happiness in your blog. I was told once: “Don’t have a great day, have an okay day, in which, you recognize, something great” I believe I have. Let not the account end as ships in the night?

    Oh, Ameena thank you for your proposal!
    Melindard, Yes he thought of it!

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