K Cooks….Share Week, 101 tasks in 1001 Days

My work ethic revolves around caffeine…and sugar….believing that if you make sure you have an abundance of those two elements in place, that people will be happy. And that goodwill will spread like VD in summer camp…or the stomach flu if one happens to work in the department of pediatrics.

Why did I put that I would do a WHOLE WEEK OF SHARING AT WORK? Well, because like I’ve said before, I am  a self-confessed share-er…and this past week, I wanted to raise the feel good barometer in our department.

And in the last few weeks, it seems that people could use a little goodwill. When it becomes darker, and the holiday season RAMPS up, our expectations sore, often leading to grouchy disappointment….you feeling it?

And so…I promised that this week, each day, I’d make something to bring in and share (or take something I LOVED and share it) . And not just stick on the table in the break room people. No, I’d place these goodies on a tray and individually pass them out. I’d look them in the eye and dare them to make a stinky face at me. I’d verbally encourage them to come to our cookie exchange, our chili cook off, the make your own sushi bar Holiday party I planned. Thus, task #97 was underway

And seriously…that sounds sappy. And maybe a little annoying. But honestly? Caffeine and Sugar could solve the world’s problems.

Some were better than others.


Brewing, Stirring, setting up and fillling

Monday: Peanut Butter Filled HoneyCombs


Sticky & Sweet!

Ingredients Sugar for Jelly (already has pectin in it), Corn Syrup, Honey,baking soda, semisweet chocolate and peanut butter for filling

Tasting Notes: VERY Chewy and the baking soda contributed a sparkling after bite that punched it up a notch. I like chewyness, and the only complaint I have was that the outside was too sticky. Next time, more pectin might have facilitated more binding

Tuesday: Nectarine Fruit Leathers


Make a Puree of Nectarines, and then STIR, STIR STIR

Ingredients Nectarines, pureed to make 2 cups, pectin, sugar, lime juice

Tasting Notes: Not leathers at all! More like Jellies, or JAM-ish blobs. Did I not add enough pectin? One mistake most likely involved not heating high enough before cooling…And it could have  used more citrus at the end and to chill in the fridge…at least it gave me a great base for…..

Wednesday: Brie and Nectarine Melts

Ingredients Nectarine jelly, brie, Italian bread….and a panini grill. This recipe was more to share the panini maker than anything…and people LOVED it!

I set up shop around 11:30 and was “sold” out by 11:45!

Tasting Notes: Warm cheese, sweet jelly, fluffy toasted bread….YUMMY!


Thursday: Vegan Spice Biscotti

Ingredients:  Oatmeal, Flour, Apple Butter, Honey, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Pumpkin Puree. Ginger, Vanilla Extract, oil

Tasting Notes: I handed out Korean Green Tea packets with these little ladies and the bite of the ginger swooned our 11 am rounds.  I love biscotti. My favorite cookie of all time…the perfect add in to yogurt later as well.

Naughty and Spicy...perfect for coffee, tea-time, morning, noon and night


Friday: Brutti ma Buoni….

UGLY but GOOD italian cookie

Not SUPER ugly....but LOVE THE SALT and NUTTY crunch!

Ingredients:  2 Cups of almonds, ground into a paste, egg whites, powdered sugar, a little salt and vanilla flavoring

TASTING NOTES: These puppies were so good, I honestly “stole” 5 from the pile and wanted to send them to be BF back home…I didn’t want to share. I wanted to “save” (which is what I do with something I LOVE…ration it!) Which signaled to me….SHARE IT! So, yep…each of these little ugly but good babies went bye-bye.

My favorite part simply was that I got a LOT of smiles by DAY THREE….”HERE SHE COMES!” one tech said…and on that day, two of a fellow docs kids (14 and 10) helped make the brie melts and the next day, I was told that they requested them for dinner that night…wanting to make them for their parents.

So…really, adults who share…it makes a BIG difference, a positive one, that impacts others. Have you actively shared lately? Actively, meaning, parting

3 thoughts on “K Cooks….Share Week, 101 tasks in 1001 Days

  1. How nice of you to make things and bring them in to share! I don’t do that often enough – actually the only time I bring things in is when we have too much of something and I don’t want to throw it out. I have a fear of throwing food away!!

    The vegan biscotti look fantastic. I need some more biscotti in my life. 🙂

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