Gone Fishing….Task # 35

I can’t remember exactly WHY fishing landed on my list. I remembered my mom and “bapa” (aka her father) getting up early early early Spring through Autumn and fishing, and I watched my mom water ski when I was a toddler, and faintly recall a boat…but never in my trusted autobiographical loops arises the image of me…and a rod….

I think that it might be on the list because, well…think of K and the farthest sport you’d acquaint me with is FiSHING. I don’t resonate with why people do it, and also was interested in women and fishing…

So when my dad decided to visit me in CO, and he and I never fished with fly fishing before, we thought, why not take a 4 hour guided fly fishing tour in Estes Park?

It might have just been another excuse to be in nature, watch the autmn leaves change, and enjoy my dad at his best…in the car. Conversations with dad require mobility. Either playing golf, walking, or driving…somehow it illuminates his heart and we can gab about what inspires, frustrates and perplexes us.

Ever had the same experience with the men in your life?

ANYWAY…back to fishing

Ummm…did I mention that I am not patient? I love spending time in nature…particularly when sunshine is part of the package. Fly fishing is a solo sport…you have to KNOW and SEE where the fish are, delicately swing the line in their direction, but gently not to scare them away, and then dangle the bait in front of them, and once they bite, with swift precision lift it directly towards you.

Sound a little familar?

Whatever challenge you face in your life….fly fishing mirrors the dance of patient activity required to fulfill your purposeful goals.



The solution, of course, was obvious…………WINE!

We (okay, I) made sure to stop on the way back at a winery producing Colorado wines from a vineyard located up near Loveland. We sampled 6 tastes for $5. One of the most interesting bites, a grapefruit infused white and of course, my dad liked the ones most reminiscent of super sweet white grape juice. Honestly? I love many things about Colorado (Whole Foods, Recycling, flip flops, cool independent food places and farmer’s markets, friends) but this wine? um, pass for now.

In the evening, my good natured bland palate dad

(who put up with culinary explorations in Portugal and Brussels) 

allowed me to drag him to an ethiopian restaraunt in Fort Collins. A

ny food locale where you eat on stools = fun.

I tried to describe TEFF and INJERA and how it would be like refuting chopsticks by not scooping up the food with the yeasty sourdoughish sponge crepe…but he didn’t buy it.

That’s okay, I ate enough for the both of us.

A fan of the stewed spicy doro wot and all the traditional salads that out play the main course, my belly applauded. You’ve got the yellow lentil pate, the collard green sautee, the carrot and bean slaw and a little chopped salad.

I caught one fish…in the first 5 minutes, rather accidentally.  But, like life, the details of catching or releasing, fade away…and it’s about standing in that river, knee high in water, and throwing the line in a defined direction. And afterwards, lifting a glass to honor one more task, completed…


5 thoughts on “Gone Fishing….Task # 35

  1. That meal looks so good. Is it Ethiopian? Looks like it or similar. Sounds like a nice time with your dad again. I am not so sure I would have had the patience for any fishing. Oh, ok we spearfish, but Ryan does the fishing and I do the snorkeling and taking pictures.

  2. i like to think of fishing as an excuse to sit in a boat and drink beer. i’d rather just sit in a boat and drink beer without pretending to fish 🙂

  3. I had Ethiopian food for the first time on a trip to DC this past July and I loved it! The injera was really interesting and the rest of the food reminded me of Indian food.

    The pic of you and your dad is frame-worthy!

  4. Fly fishing is something I have never done before. In fact I’ve never fished. My dad was never into that. The times when we “bonded” were the times he brought me to the race track! haha, he isn’t a huge gambler at all, but he loves going to the track to “escape”. Nick loves to golf, and that’s his “escape”.

    I’ve never had Ethiopian food but I’d definitely be interested in trying it. I’m fairly sure we have a restaurant around here that specializes in Ethiopian food, but I have to remember the name!

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