K Cooks: Jam Exchange…Tomato Ginger Jam

Why, why, why in the world would you slather burger-ish jelly when you can scoop to pulp of jam?

Now, I’ve got my food opinions, but unless you’ve got super contorted esophageal passages, jam trumps jelly every time.

And like my nut butter pleasure, I am a jam connoisseur as well. And lucky me, you really haven’t jammed it up until you live in Europe and get to purchase over the course of an extended period of time (for less than $2!) Kiwi jam, plum jam, orange passion fruit jam, quince jam, fig jam, strawberry balsamic jam, strawberry banana jam, currant raisin jam, banana bourbon jam, orange whisky jam, and one of my all time loves raspberry basil.

Last year I embarked on preparing and canning my first homemade jam ever: Sirachi Grape. But this year, being a little less in need of overachieving, I set my sights not to “out do” myself. After all, with such a plethora of jam under my belt, I recognized and honored my standing in the jam domain. But I would try to make something I’ve never tasted before.


'tis Tomater Season

Keeping it simple, I found the recipe with the simplest ingredients



What can be more simple than that…and expectant? I couldn’t WAIT to taste the results…and of course, in my anticipation, I HAD to fiddle with the recipe and add ground up ginger in the concoction).

I DIVINELY often crave day long roasted tomatoes, releasing sugar over 10 hours in the crock pot they rival other “traditional” fruits in their Sucre-sacredness. Into the corck pot went:


5 pounds of Tomatoes
2 Cups of Zucker Gelatin
After about 10 hours….I added a box of pectin and some serious ginger before blending it up in small batches.

Nice and Steamy

Onto the canning…
which really takes the most care and preparation. One must make sure to sterilize the lids and jars in boiling water before
 AND after adding the jam.
Remember, this part that require PREPARATION and PATIENCE….
 I dropped out of Brownies after one season, so this year, I was prepared to spend an hour just on this step, breathing deeply and switching from listening to Florence and the Machines to Laura Viers to calm me down a bit…I did “lose” a jar in the boiling water, the lid coming off with un-unadultered and rather lame, “thud” (no exploding tomato jam here…just gooey blobs in boiling water).
In all, I had five jars of spicy sweet Special K Jam

Not the Expected

 ….lovingly packaged for my exchange partner and other Gimmie your Stuff packages.

Verdict??? TEN times more powerful and “successful” than my sirachi jam from last year….I slathered it on english muffin with brie and about GAFAWED at my production. I mised it up with raspberry farmer market jam and melted it with mozarella in a tortilla and felt transported. This jam, really, well, makes me happy! Another example of something I wouldn’t attempt 20 months ago before discovering the blog-o-sphere.

Thanks, Steph!

I LOVE little exchanges like this….any one have an idea for another good one?


8 thoughts on “K Cooks: Jam Exchange…Tomato Ginger Jam

  1. Looks great and tomato jam is popular here. They do pumpkin too and sweet potato. I love ginger and just discovered it grows wild all over the island. I have had blueberry ginger jam before but never tomato ginger.

  2. This is such a brillant idea…much better than ketchup or any other condiment I can think of. I wonder if I have the patience??

    I love your cute labels…they are absolutely adorable.

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