Resiliency Rocks

Forgive my dillydallying or perceived absence, as I’ve been attending a “provider resiliency” course this past week. The purpose of the course, to offer docs and nurses insight and tools to manage stress and combat compassion fatigue, is all well and dandy. And the execution not totally hashed.  But the real key is in removing people from their regular trappings…that is what inspires people to exploration. And too often, we just don’t have the time or energy to explore.

It’s like Eat, Pray Love, a nurse gushed.

Oh, Save Me! I begged intrenally! Give me back my internet (they have people watching to steal the crackberries from workaholic docs), my whole grains and fresh yogurt (the buffet here is a repeating Groundshog Day of vatted grits, wilting cucumbers and gloppy congealed mac and cheese) and connecting with my people (I crave Sykpe and friends!).

My resilient insight this week:

 I am pretty resilient gal already.

To take a little resiliency stroll yourself consider:

Do you do 3 activities regularly that physically nourish you? CHECK: my weekend “go for as long and wherever you like” jogs,  my nightly frozen quark in bed,  and I just started selecting one pleasure a month: facial/pedicure/massage).

3 activities that mentally/emotionally nourish you: CHECK: My LIST! (I am working on the language one right now), WRITING THESE POSTS, and READING.

3 activities that socially nourish you?  CHECK: I organize a lot of pro-bono community lectures here, I send packages about 1-2 times per week, and I make sure I connect with friends/family back home at least 2 times a week and a social meeting here at least one time a week.

What is one thing you should consider starting: Um! BIG AHA! SEX! Seriously, I am now setting my sights on a relationship….one where I can I trust someone, partner with them, laugh with them, and bake him breakfast brownies on his birthday. And another aha for me: I would like to eat larger lunches/breakfasts.  And not put too much pressure for culinary success in the middle of my day.

There is so much LIFE in my LIFE already. I am uber happy to travel, to be challenged, to be financially stable, to be connected and capable.

Me at me Brightest: Browsing the Siene Scene in Paris

(THANKS Betty for Snapping this Pic of ME….it’s my favorite all YEAR!O

Resiliency starts before the rocks begin to roll downhill…and it is about having a self-concept not ROOTED in achievements (my list) or skills (who runs 10 miles) or roles (Dr. K, daughter/friend/humanitarian )…because all those things you can lose. You can be fired, kill your knees, or cheated on. 

It’s what’s inside, that compassionate, ambitious, spunky geek that always mines the resources. 

And look…I didn’t even have to go to Italy, India or Indonesia to find her.

Hey…do you want to be resilient? Or know someone that would like a copy of a resiliency book? I can send a special Special K Package with the book: The Resiliency Advantage.

5 thoughts on “Resiliency Rocks

  1. Hey, just read your comment! I love brussel sprouts too 🙂 Regarding the sirachi sauce, I say it’s not bad, just use a little though (lots of sodium!). This is true with most sauces. Moderation is best.

  2. great words here! i’d love that resiliency book. i totally agree that what defines how strong or “successful” a person is or will be is rooted in those internal characteristics. it’s something that’s so hard to trust though because they’re intangible!

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