K Craves….Sleep Balm!

Want to know what’s important to a person? Don’t look at what we SAY is important : Family, Friends, Career, Health…check out how she spends her money. Our FINANCIAL ETHICS reveal what matters to us, particularly when budget-minded.

So, when I buy something, particularly a product for my body, whether intended for ingestion (Trader Joe’s peanut butter) prevention (Paula’s Choice moisturizer) or treatment (a nice, friendly Rioja), quality matters to me. The human story matters.

Remember Nuttzo?

Remember Bacon Salt?

Particularly when it comes to body products. I don’t like to shell out for body products. The average woman SLATHERS on more than 50 ingredients a day and for me, I can’t fuzz with it. I crave simplicity. Which is why I like products with the simplest ingredients.

I am pediatric specialist that works to train physicians and early childhood providers and parents with special needs children on common pediatric ailments, including eating/sleeping/handlingemotions/language/everything! Recent research and training on pediatric sleep led me to consider a product several sources says eases and calms, enhancing sleep initiation. The product, BADGER BALM, smells DIVINE. Makes me CRAVE my dream world. And I was SUPER lucky to learn more about its inception.


The ingredients are “whole, fresh, minimally processed” in hopes that more vitamins, antioxidants, and other. Nutrients get in the product…made from FOOD! Badger believes that: “the skin also “eats it up – literal food for the skin – because it is so bio-available.” Who knows if this claim is proven to be “better” but it is “better” for me because it is QUALITY over quantity.  The product is made only in small batches, is family owned, and they disperse it in small circles. All the products are inspired by  remedies to treat loved ones…not to make the big bucks.  Look at the inspiration for the Sleep Balm:

Badger Bill was asked to make a “wake up balm”… something to clear the mind and quiet one’s thoughts – for concentration.  He made a batch of what is now known as “Sleep Balm” (I’m unsure as to what he was initially going to call the product), and found that most people who tried it had really good luck sleeping after using it.  The reason being that, a lot of the time, restless nights can be caused by the mind racing… what do you have to do tomorrow? What did he/she say? What’s coming down the pike this week? I think everyone can relate to this at one time or another. Night-Night Balm came from Badger mothers who were looking for a post-bath relaxing rub to nourish the skin and relax their child’s mind after a long day of playing, learning, and growing.  It differs from Sleep Balm quite a bit – it’s a bit more of a “traditional” sleep balm, utilizing Chamomile and Lavender. It also has a lower concentration of essential oils, so a much lighter scent. Bill added Sandalwood to instill feelings of confidence and reverence – something that is good for every child.

The product is 100% USDA Certified and 100% K validated….especially after hearing these stories. It’s the story that matters to me.

Want to try Sleep Balm Out???? Comment below and send me and at few friends with a link to this post and you’ll be signed up for the giveaway.

Do you have a small, family owned product you want to rave about?


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