Give it to me!

I share my sister’s birthday, born on the same same and adopted into her world come hell (we had a few stopovers in her teens and early 20s) or/and high water (at least 9 months of the year, I keep emotional sandbags around!). The proclivity to share was embedded with a sister three years my senior in age, and yet always on par with my interests and energy. We shared a room until late until my school years, and although we can blame my tendency to sleep with others until the age of 9 on 1) the horror shows mom made us watch 2) a textile sensory seeking of being cocooned in warmth or 3) my scared alter ego that only showed itself in darkness….I think it has to do more with sharing. Pretty independent in spirit, I gain energy and strength from solo reflection and projects, but it is balanced with a hunger to share. My opinions, my clothes, my favorite recipe, my favorite song or TV show, my thoughts and feelings….flowers to strangers.


Thus, GIMMIE YOUR STUFF, which appears to have been more popular when devising my 101 list  2 years ago, when living abroad didn’t have cellular substance and the most exciting adventure I recently imbibed was a trip to the Ape Caves.

Now, europe provides access to global perspectives that pepper shake my world constantly. At times, so much newness and possibility to explore frazzles. But most of the time, it fuels.

Foreign Exchange Time

Thus, how pumped to get my first GIMMIE YOUR STUFF BUDDY! Molly, from Oh! The Places You’ll Go (Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss???) decided to share with me…so off I sent: a package with

Some Chocolate from Belgium, Cute earrings from France and a cutesy owl card…Check out these little pretty things….

I really wanted to know:

What do you like to share?

I like to share different workouts/running tips with friends and also share the TIME together to run with those friends.

What do you keep for yourself?

I like to keep food for myself. I’m really bad at sharing bites of things. I’m greedy.

What is one thing shared with you this past year (a tip, something pleasurable, a book?) that touched you and why?

One thing shared with me this past year was a necklace from my aunt right before I left for Japan. It says: Not all who wander are lost. Basically sums up my life. I never know exactly what I’m going to do next (although I’m quite type-A and like to have a plan). So this kind of clashes, ha, but the necklace means a lot to me, because even if I don’t know what I’m doing next, I’ll be discovering a lot about myself and who I’m supposed to be, along the way.

What in the world are you doing living abroad?

I am living in Japan for ONE YEAR as a part of the JET Program. I was placed in a small, rural town 8 hours north of Tokyo, in Aomori Prefecture. I taught English to junior high students, led the English club, and traveled around this side of the globe (Japan, South Korea, India).

So, I WAS SO HONORED! To get a little package this week from MOLLY!

Check it out!

Look at this cute Japanese Cat with a raised paw….it’s Maneki Neko. The symbolism behind this little guy truly reflects a common practice for homes to feel that this image brings the owner good luck. Next time you step into an Asian restaurant, take a look for a guy like this one., Maneki Neko.  The cat isn’t waving, he’s beckoning (come here, fortune!). She also gifted me with pretty kickin chopsticks, that I immediately put to use with a shredded carrot sirachi side.

I must say that I do believe that adults DON’T share well at all. Now, there’s always the need to share “where’d you get that purse?” but for some reason, we hold back the most vital and precious aspects of our lives, ourselves. I must admit that a LOT of the times I read blog in order to “steal” other people’s inspiration, and that I blog in order to feel like some one is out there listening, and perhaps can see me. I share and that makes me real…and receiving part of Molly’s world, well, that makes me real as well.

So….let’s keep Gimmie-Your-Stuff-ing! Email me and we can swap!

PLUS: AN Update! Melinda, from Nutrition Food and Travel SWAPPED with me. I received some curry powder from a spice market in Morocco…and sent her some traditional Hairbo candies and coffee, and CHOCOLATE


6 thoughts on “Give it to me!

  1. how cool you share a birthday with your sister. i bet it was rough growing up but something that you two can bond over in the future 🙂

    and i agree about the whole “adults suck at sharing” thing. i’m totally trying to work on that and i’ve noticed a more relaxed nature about myself when i let go of that “cattiness”

  2. ooooo! i am down! this sounds like fun. things i like: tiny bowls and boxes, coffee, tea, chocolate, baking supplies, really anything foodie related and fun headband or bracelets.

    let me know what i need to do next!

  3. What a great idea!! In fact, I owe you a swap….and I know exactly when I will be getting the produce for you to review! When the Market District opens on October I will send you a new fun food product to review. Perfect!

    I love those earrings too. Very stylish.

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