Love, love, love, love, Crazy love…

Or…How easy it is…to be LOVED by you! I am finding new K Cravings all around me. If I were in Glee, I’d be singing up some tunes…(okay, you might find me humming)

Perfection...anyway you slice it

Slicing and Dicing…My new Kitchen Knife, a JA Henckels Ever Sharp Pro. Native to Germany, these babies will never fail to bring out your chopping acumen. For me, cutting edge retention and a lack of rusting or “corrosion resistance” remains vital. Just tonight, sliced up some gorgeous veggie stand tomatoes, leading to a little pride as quickly parted like two hands clapping, saluting in a vocal prayer of praise. Do you have  a beloved kitchen tool (besides a cooking partner!)

Lulu…or that’s what I call her. I nabbed her at an antique market (one of the biggest in Europe, at Tongeren Belgium) and every time I look at her in my closet, I smile, remembering that a little flair goes a LONG way for elevating my day. .

Music…I discovered Sia last week. iThis n , the lyrics melt into the range of her chords (how do you upload a song?) oh, little girl, you can shackle yourself or set yourself free….

I am also loving Jonsi, LCD Soundsystem and still, The Weepies!

What are some cool running tunes I might love?

BOOKS! I am reading a TON! The Top One: Half the Sky! Tonight am holding a wonderful community gathering of women to discuss how RICH we are as women, and how easy it is to EMPOWER each other. Why I love this book? Because it is a book not about FACTS but PEOPLE. And yet, it completely presents ideas about global poverty, sex slave industry, maternal health, war. Bead for Life will be there, and hopefully the participants will chip in some money to support a KIVA group. Do you know about these groups? GET THIS BOOK and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This book altered my perception on legalizing prostitution. Almost a million women are slaves. Bernice’s pimp got her hooked on drugs to make her more compliant, and even after a government program extracted her, she ran back due to symptoms of withdrawal. Men follow money. Thus, with this event, I complete Task #75, hold a community event.

Other books include: Women, Food, and God…Juliet, Naked (one of my favorite authors, Nick Hornby) and What am I like, by Anne Enright (picked up in Provence this weekend…more to come on that later). What book are you reading that I may love?

Oh, I am loving a bit of Saucy-ness: Best Sauce I’ve made FOUR times these past TWO weeks:

Sauteed 2 garlic cloves and half an onion, PLUS, melt in….

2 ounces GOOOOOOD Chocolate

then add in chopped apple, (half of one) and 1 CUP Chicken Stock, simmer for 20 minutes. Makes Sauce for 2 people….Serve over shredded chicken (yummy!) Frozen Tofu (Yummier) or chickpeas and quinoa (EVEN Yummier!) and Finally, Cheese RAVIOLI! Seriously, TRY THIS OUT!

But wait! I need to let you know what I DON’T LOVE: Crosswords: Yep Crossed this off my list. Task #15 Complete a NY Times Crossword Puzzle (Monday and Tuesday don’t count)…so I picked Wednesday, April 10th (my b-dy!)   Good riddance. I currently don’t have the patience to develop the language and practice that comes with crosswords. It really is a sport. Youu have to practice and do it often to receive pleasure from it…the more you do, the more the flow happens. Um, I had to ask near perfect strangers, hey, what is a 5 letter word for “selects, as in race horse.” Can you take a class in crosswords?

Um….Can’t complain about much else! Coming up…a review of a long getaway in Provenance last weekend!

Share you latest loves! Books, Music, Movies, Food!


3 thoughts on “Love, love, love, love, Crazy love…

  1. Can’t wait to hear about your recent trip. I hope next we live somewhere on mainland Europe so I can get around as easily as you. What are your plans for Egypt? My fall is pretty hectic, but I am still curious. I just booked a flight today to boston for the ADA conference. I need CEUs and the island has a airline that goes from here to Boston of all places so it is very easy. I also have another summer trip coming up, unless something bad or stupid happens.

  2. yes! sia is soo good! my latest fav running songs: honey in the sun by camera obscura, WTF by OK GO, Drumming Song by Florence and the Machine, When you Walk in the Room by Fyfe Dangerfield, Lisztomania by Phoenix, Ambling Alp by Yeasayer. These keep me moving but prevent me from getting too hyper and trying to run too fast.

    thanks for sharing your loves. i need to do another post like this soon!

  3. Love your new knife!! Isn’t it funny how something like a new knife can make us so happy?! I need some new cutlery, of all types, really bad.

    This sauce sounds fantastic. Chocolate in a sauce? I love it! I wouldn’t serve it over tofu though, blah. I just can’t stand it.

    So about my lactose intolerance. It’s quite normal for human to lose the lactase enzyme as they age, or as they take milk out of their diet. Ice cream seems to work ok for me because it’s not pure milk, it’s filled with fat and sugar too. I think that helps. PLus my homemade ice cream uses soymilk (and half and half). That helps too.

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