K Cooks: A Year of Soups….Chilled Carrot

Okay…this week…Saucy. my mood plucky. my skin prickly.   my hair flimsy.  my muscles whimpy…all I need was to CHILL out!

Orange-Ya Happy?

I LOVE all things orange….okay. I LOVE all orange foods….not so keen on them as a textile selection (the colors tend to brownie-fy my complexion)…mottled results in that arena, but in the palate pleasure, they score big.

Butternut Squash



Oranges, of the Satsuma Variety


Orange Peppers

Orange cauliflower…those little hot orange jalepenoes…

Peaches….Orange colored summer squash

And yep….for some strange new adult life discovery, CARROTS.

In Europe, okay, in Paris, I discovered (um…sort of like Columbus “discovering” a new continent that existed a millenia before he stepped foot on its foundation) carrot salad…look up french carrot raisin salad and you will inhabit a whole new domain of foodie-nesss….

Remember that my wonderful mentor sent a remarkable Christmas package that contained a gift that surprised me: a cookbook. I have been out of favor with cookbooks for the past five years now, in the past two years relying solely on revised concoctions mused from online sources. Yet this one, stole my heart. Twelve Months of Monastery Soups. A Benedictine monk authored this beloved edition that relies heavily on French cuisine and a sense of soulishness. What I cherished about this cookbook was that many of the selections felt foreign to me, and featured seasonal fare plant based and flavorful. I promised to make a soup from each month following the recipe exactly as written with no substitutions or creativity.

My June selection?

Chilled Carrot Soup….

Exactly simplicity at its peak, and a selection that comforted, but didn’t call for much fanfare. I had everything already (except the half and half)…which is a philosophical discovery all on its own.

When you feel tired, stressed, not energetic enough to feel as if you are you, or feeling as if everything you are doing is half-mast and substandard, you discover that you already possess all the ingredients for what you crave…AND…that sometimes, your dish needs a few days to sit, in order to reach the peak of its potential.

Serves 4

2 chopped leeks

2 potatoes

4 good sized carrots, diced

3.5 Cups good stocks

Place all in a soup pot and bring to a boil….simmer COVERED, under veggies are tender (around 30 minutes).

.5 teaspoon ginger powder

4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 cup half and half

add the above ingredients, and STIR

Then Blend the mixture up…


Orange-Ya Happy?

Tasting Notes:

The sweetness of the carrots practically hid the first night, and my heart sank a bit, and I second guessed following the recipe to a “T” and not adding any honey or curry, or garlic, or olive oil…

and THEN! YES! THEN! Day 2…SUPERB! I made some homemade cheddar corn quinoa scones and a salad with dried figs, onions, oranges and romaine and served it up again. I have to say, having a pot that goes from stove to fridge and a little spout super convienent and oh, so, pleasing!

Just goes to show that a little orange patience, pays…

Do you have a favorite food color?


4 thoughts on “K Cooks: A Year of Soups….Chilled Carrot

  1. If I had to pick a favorite food color, it would be orange. I am OBSESSED with cooked carrots, sweet potatoes (eating one right now in fact) and canned pumpkin! I also love cantaloupe and oranges.
    This soup sounds great. Thanks for the recipe. Orange foods are SO good for you too!

  2. I’m an orange eater. I eat one lbd of carrots a day… haha I don’t know if I can do the exchange but it’s a wonderful idea! I wish my magic bullet worked 😦 it doesn’t at all

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