Un-Vacation Ration

Does it not sometimes feel as if a season comes upon you and snatches you from your ordinary flow and rhythm? It’s “supposed” to be a vacation. Which means rest, right? Or the expectation of FUN! FRIVOLITY! NO RESPONSIBILITY! Goodness, these past two weeks I need a vacation from my “vacation”…

Not only did I attend a week long conference (Yawn!) and gave a mind blowing audience appreciated applause receiving presentation (Yeah!) but then my dad and little sista

Mac's First Plane Ride!

mosey-ed yonder from Montana to visit. The Sis is 14 years my junior and just graduated (Phew) from high school. We didn’t grow up together and we didn’t get along. I’ve been chasing a relationship, hell, a good conversation, or even a few minutes of feeling comfortable with her for the better part of my adult life (thus says the pediatric psychologist). She’s one of those people where earning her favor takes blood, sweat, tears…time. All of which, I hold pretty tightly to and life circumstances never offered fully.

They came over a week ago and I’ve barely had time to do things that always bring me pleasure in my solitary life…reading my favorite blogs, cooking biscotti, reading, watching TV. I’ve made sure to get a run in (I’d DIE of frustration if not!) but no Yoga, no walking, no Skyping with old friends, no cleaning, no blogging, no recipe cooking. Mac has been disregarded. He isn’t even suited up with my Itunes selection yet (although I’ve carted him to three countries in two weeks!).  ANY MAC LOVERS USE IPHOTO? I LOVE PICASSA…or any MAC MUST HAVE KNOW HOWS? NEXT WEEKEND OFFICIALLY IS DESIGNATED MAC AND ME….I am taking him to a sleazy cyber cafe and spending HOURS in his glow….

Don’t worry, I’ve compensated for this “vacation” by drinking lots of wine, eating crap and not sleeping. Makes a girl’s hair a bit frizzy (speaking of which, stay tuned! The natural hues are making a comeback!) ….okay maybe you should worry a taddy-pole bit.

But! Some things have been crossed of the list (including special time with the sista) So, wait for fun stories of skinny dipping and Gimmie your Stuff searches…and taking a new class (rock climbing) along with Portugal Recaps (Make this a MUST SEE PLACE!) and later, Brussels Beer and Chocolate Rewinds.

Peek a boo in a Portugal Castle...got in "trouble!" for being too loud

I solicit your kind patience and wisdom. I plead for a small heaping of benadryll or the waves of peace steaming over the ocean from a quasi-shared-consciousness of downdog. The salivation on my pillow clearly reveals my dream of getting a refund my the Egypt tour company (FAT CHANCE) and taking the 1500 and hiring a maid…a french patissierre drop out with a passion for tile scrubbing and oven deep cleaning. And Glee Downloading all ready for me after emerging from a bath or a walk in the gloaming of the dying summer evening.

And once I figure out a new way to bookmark or RSS feed all my blogs (ADVICE? HELP? SUGGESTIONS?) my presence will be made known.


7 thoughts on “Un-Vacation Ration

  1. Good luck getting some rest after your holiday! As far as the RSS feeds go, I use google reader. You just paste the homepage address into “add a subscription” then anytime a new post is made from that website, it shows up. Google reader also keeps track of blogs as you read them. You can organize your blogs by topic/ genre and save favorite posts. It’s really easy to use and probably has many more features than I’m even aware of.

  2. i hope you get that quality time in with your boyfriend ASAP! hehehe!

    i love love love summer but do feel like it is occasionally used as an excuse to cram all sorts of get togethers in. whatever happened to lazing out in the sun with a cold beverage?!

    take care woman!

  3. i feel you about the sibling/sister relationship. i have a bunch of siblings and we don’t all get along but i’ve been told that once we’re all in our adult years (and thus not in the selfish teen/20s phase) we’ll become closer. so we’ll see i guess. there’s hope

  4. I didn’t know you had a 14 years younger sister! I have a brother who is 13 years younger than me. We get along just find, but I also think it helps that he is a boy (they are definitely easier at this age).

    I am a Mac person and I LOVE iPhoto! I use it everyday, it’s pretty great.

  5. Wow, that is much younger, but that is still cool that they came to visit. I know what you mean about the vacation being anything but. It is sometimes more work. I have 1 trip coming up and then another that we are planning and I am hoping that the hard work pays off because we are trying to fit a lot in. If all goes as planned, I will have visited 7 countries when this summer is over.

    I love my Mac, but it is still new to me too.

  6. You don’t use Google Reader?? That’s the only way I know how to keep up with everyone’s blog!

    And I would totally do a swap with you if:

    A. I had money for shipping
    B. I lived near a Whole Foods (I come across one once every 5 months or so)!

    But I saw that you still need a postcard from VA (do you?) and I go to school there!

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