Make Me Happy

Right now, I am sipping CALMING yogi tea (yes, yogi tea often saves my very soul from the brink of desolation) and eating bread with yogurt butter and agave syrup. Later, I’ll make a yogurt dressing to go over a pear, fig and shaved parmesan salad and tomato squash tortellini, and a french red wine called Mystique (totally got it because it had an owl on it)…The tea and agave arrived in a “birthday” package from one of my BF, Jules. And it brought such a BIG gush of joy to me, that immediately, all other little things in my life that engender joy burned brighter.

I have been so blah blah blah this week. And low. Why? The reasons can be traced, but really, WHO CARES? There will always be explanations either way. And instead of fixing myself, I decided to be Okay with the BLAHNESS. But there were things this week that I did to actively take care of me. They were 1) buying a cute pair of German hand made leather Mary Janes, with this pretty blue patter 2) getting a medical massage on Wednesday. Between that and 10 minutes in the sauna reading Oprah, I floated away in “my word, I feel good” 3) painting my toenails on Thursday night 4) Cleaning my bathrooms Friday early evening and repotting my “garden” saturday morning.

I read this awesome article on how we as a society now are so consumeristic that we expect other people to make us happy. And that leads to a “this isn’t working because YOU aren’t doing your job” we feel like there might be alternatives where we’d be happier.  People do this all the time: COMPARE, MEASURE, ANALYZE, and come up with visions of “this would make me happy.” The truth is, I need to be happy with ME. And I need to be okay with not being happy all the time.   Yes, we need to make gestures that we know CONTRIBUTE to others. But not with the intention of getting something back. MORE SO, we should GIVE because it makes US happy to do so.   So, when my Jules sent the package, it made me happy. But it really says more ABOUT her. Because I can tell it makes HER happy. She is a generous, happy soul, and she is loves me. 

If you only name three things, what makes you happy?

Here is my list

1. A glass of wine before dinner.
2. Watching Top Chef, and recently, No Reservations
3. That first cup of coffee in the morning. Tea in the afternoon.
4. Warm Toes. Warm toes in socks. Warm toes in the sand. Warm toes in water.
5. A 4 mile run.
6. Packages. LOVE receiving them. Sending packages. Basically sharing.
7. Doing Something on my List!
8. Reading….Reading….Reading….The internet. Blogs, Research, Literature,
Nonfiction, the web….and thus, my eyes!
9. Work: Thus, My job. Completing an evaluation, a report, educating others.
Work. Achieving. Earning stuff. Giving my opinion. Writing. Learning.
10. Dessert in bed (lately, frozen quark)

BONUS: sharing. A meal. A cup of coffee. The events of your day. Tips.
Clothes. Cartoons. Good “anything”…


5 thoughts on “Make Me Happy

  1. I love where you said that the reasons for feeling a certain negative way can be traced but who really cares. This is something I need to practice. Not wasting my time or the precious time of others tracing back the frivolous aspects of a day, especially since focusing on these negative and destructive things will never benefit me or others.

  2. you’re so spot on about taking care of you and doing what you need to do….3 things that make me happy are 1) running on a beautiful spring day 2) a looooooooooooong hot shower 3) reading a mystery/suspense novel out in the sun.

    and i’ve done all three today 🙂 way to focus on the positives of life girl

  3. three things that make me happy:

    1. lighting my kitchen spice candle and reading before bed.
    2. going for a walk and taking random photographs of stuff.
    3. chatting with friends and family on the phone/in person/via blog comments. connecting with my people.

  4. happiness is different for everyone and so when people are like do this it will make you happy, sometimes I think, you don’t even know me, so how the heck would you know. If someone says eating ice cream will make you happy, for some, it will make you regret it with a long trip to the bathroom. So, you need to know yourself in order to know what makes you happy and then treat yourself to those thing. What makes me happy…teaching people/sharing my knowledge, playing with fuzzy little animals, and of course, spending time with my husband. My new thing is reading outside at a cafe by the beach. I feel so European doing this!

  5. I’m glad you did some things to take care of yourself. I agree that people aren’t practive enough about making themselves happy! As weird as it sounds…painting my toenails & cleaning makes me happy too lol

    p.s. thanks for the tahini suggestion!

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